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15th Jan 2022 Frank McAleer Ambrose Cup

It was good to see a great field of 138 players in the Frank McAleer memorial Ambrose 9- and 18-hole competitions today. Weather was good and I think all enjoyed the day. Thank you to the club for the free sausage sizzle and 1 free drink token, I am sure all appreciated this gesture.

9 Hole results – 8 players

Winner 1 ball each

Ian and Judy Ireland, Karen Rikken, Sue Chapman                                   28.875


 Margarite Stewart, Glenn Barber, Lou Verstraelen, Dot Crompton   30.625

18 Hole Results – 130 players

Winner $30 each

David Phalp, Norm Hocking, Alan Sole, Barry O’Connor                       51.375

2nd $15 each

Melinda Teasdale, Dale Robbins, Rob Law, Russ Henderson                52

3rd $10 each

David Cole, Tony De Corrado, Bruce Dawson, Colin Wood                    52.75

Ball rundown

 Step & Glenda Bedrossian, John Hasler, John Hayes                              52.875

 Val & Rob Morrison, Phil & David Barnes                                                 53.125

 Vince Iacobaccio, Todd Newey, Cam Stevenson, Chad Wookey          53.75

Michael Van Der Gouw, Fred Hedges, Elio Valentini, Peter Salvesen   53.875

Players Draw       $60 Russ Fisher

                                       $40 Brian Munn

                                        $20 Ian Ireland

                                        $10 John Radin

Supapin NTP $60 each:  4th   Judith Whittaker      12th   Ian Bright

NTP 2 ball each:

2nd   Alan Sole                       9th   John Heib                    

13th   Glenn Lazzar               18th second shot Steve Lester

Haggle drawn on Saturday: #08 won by Shane Z, Janine O, Rob Potter and one other.

Meat Chiller voucher drawn midweek won by Russ Fisher.

This is great place for meat, cheese, and other assorted products. Get down to the Meat Chiller and see if their products suit your tastes.

I believe further raffles will be occurring in the following weeks so keep your eyes and wallets open for these.

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