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18th Dec 2021 Saturday results  Driver Family Xmas Stableford

 Driver Family Xmas Stableford

First a big thanks to the Driver family for sponsorship of today’s competition. Also welcome to Steve Driver. The family supplied a large Xmas ham for the winners of each grade in the 18 hole competition and also supplied mini pies, sausage rolls and chips prior to presentation. Again, thank you very much.

9 Hole results  14 players

Winner  Judy Ireland    $20            (45)         23

R/up           Cheryl Saker            $10             (45)         20 c/b  

Ball rundown

16      Joan Coombs , Di Camilleri  , Peter Camilleri        

18 Hole Results  88 players

Winner  A Grade $30           Frazer Rankine        (8)      39 c/b

R/up $15                                Colin Wood             (12)    39

Winner  B Grade $30          Norman George      (19)     40  

R/up $15                                Alan Coustley         (15)     37   

Winner  C Grade $30          Patrick Brodie          (20)      38

R/up $15                               Barbara Bright         (21)       37

Winner  D Grade $30         Jainine O’Sullivan    (28)       38

R/up $15                               Corina Cross            (33)        37

Ball rundown needed 35 or better

38  Chris Henry , Ian Bright

37 David Barnes , Graeme Lanigan

36 Anne Anderson ,Russ Henderson , Cheryl Westcott

35 Shane Ziegrink , John Bourke , David Walker, Ian Trebble , Jack Simmons,   Donna Mclerie , Linda Fredricson

Supapin $45 each:  4th Dean Hornsby 12th Frazer Rankine

NTP 2 balls each

2nd Barabara Bright                          9th Neil Fredricson

13th Andrew Berkley                18th 2nd shot   Rob Law

Eagles (3 balls)

On 15th Paul Dennett

Players Draw    $60 Michael Szeitz

                                    $30 Cheryl Westcott

                                    $30 Wally Galpin

                                     $10 Phil Barnes

Captains Ramblings

Thank you to everyone for your attendances at the years competitions that Covid-19 allowed us to play. It has been very frustrating with closures and the various rules and regulations that the Vic government has placed upon all of us, so thank you all for your understanding (hard as it was) and compliance. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year for all.

A big thanks to Shane Johnson for his help this year. I know it has been hard for him and his family, here’s hoping  2022 is much better for you.

On a sad note, there will be no Pro-am in 2022 but hopefully it will return in the following years.

Thank you to our ground staff for their excellent work during this very trying year. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2022.

Also a big thanks to the volunteers who worked on-course, behind the bar and in catering. Without your help this club could not function.

Today was our last Saturday competition for 2021 our next Saturday comp is the January monthly medal on 1st Jan. Hope all will have recovered early from New Year’s Eve overindulgence.

Tuesday’s will be a pro-comp off red tees both 9 and 18 holes so it will be good to see all members having a go. This will be until Jan 4th.

Wednesday Pro-Comps will still be on.

Remember to book for all golf social and competition using the online booking sheets or by contacting the pro shop. To book carts you will still need to contact the pro shop. This is very important for the holiday period.

Again, thank you to everyone for your efforts in 2021 and I hope to see you all in 2022 safe and well.

Merry Xmas and happy new Year to all.

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