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1st Round Alan McAlpine Stableford 13/02/2016


Alan Coustley shows a bit of determination on the 19th hole

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

A Grade

Winner Frazer Rankine(11)       =   43 Pts

R/Up   Mike Jackson(6)    =   40

B Grade

Winner   Vince Iacobaccio(18)    =     44

R/Up    Jay Di Virgilio(17)      =      40 c/b

C Grade

Winner  David Mair(29)      =    41 c/b

R/Up  Tom Killen      =  41

 Ball Winners

Steve Lay    =    40

Bob Driver     =     39

Derrik Farr   =    39

Rob Di Virgilio   =    38

Micheal Van Der Gal   =   38

Steve Bennett   =    38

David Black    =    38

Bill Fowler     =     37

Tim Maskew    =  37 

Jimmy Rogers   =    37

Ted Galloway     =    37

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole     =   David Barnes

9th Hole     =     Barry O`Connor

13th Hole    =    Mike Henry

17th Hole    =     Barry O`Connor

Supa Pin

The winner was Brian Munn   on the 4th Hole

   Wine Draw

No winner. Five bottles next week



The usual Saturday raffle went ahead, and winners of Cliffex meat trays were Kay Sims and Col Whittingham, while Neil Fredricson’s constant carping regarding results was finally rewarded with a six-pack of Crown Lager. Just for the hell of it we ran an associated raffle for Valentine’s Day whereby attendees of the draw were the only ones entitled to receive a box of Belgian chocolates. Those winners were Michael Jackson, Hunter Munn, Robin Hicks and Michael Van Der Gouw. Our thanks to all participants.

We draw attention to an interesting occurrence which happened last Saturday when an elderly grandfather was seen wandering along Coutts Street with a couple of very difficult children. It appeared that they were returning from the beach, and, as children tend to do, the demands were high for something to eat or drink. Nearing home Grandfather spotted an acquaintance out hosing the front garden. This acquaintance is renowned for his hospitality, so Grandfather sauntered up to the fence, and in the nicest possible way asked if there was any chance of getting a cool drink for him and his delightful offspring. Certainly, said the nice hospitable hose-wielding acquaintance, and proceeded to hose the travelling party. The last seen of Grandfather and his tribe of pets was their departure off along Coutts Street looking decidedly wet and grumpy.

And that’s not the only piece of scandal this week. Sometimes there needs to be arranged play-offs to decide who qualifies to go further in the club championships. One such play-off was set down for last Monday between one exceedingly old and grumpy player (not Peter Johnstone) and a very young and enthusiastic player who has come on the scene, and has a good future in front of him. Citing Chinese New Year, the old and grumpy player begged off on the allocated Monday, and requested that the following day would be more suitable. After all, with Chinese New Year he usually had to fill in a place within the Chinese dragon (Ah Loong) each New Year (the rear end as it turns out), so he did not want to be too worn out to compete on the same day as the New Year celebrations. This change was considered, and finally permission was granted.. This exceedingly old and grumpy player was observed practising putting from 2 a.m until noon on the day of the play-off, and it could be considered that this extra preparation may have been the reason that he finally won the play-off on the 20th hole. We aren’t sure of his name, but we have been told that the last place in the dragon Ah Loong is usually filled by an eccentric old Chinese gentleman named Wah Lee, whose use of clever sound effects within the dragon’s bottom add greatly to the parades where it is featured.

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