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2 Man Ambrose 23/01/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle


Jim Rogers & David Ballingall(7.75)    =   58.25

Runners Up

Ray Evans & Graeme Lanigan(6.5)       =   58.5

Ball Winners

John Farthingh & Vince Iacobaccio     =   59.25

David Walker  &  Neil Bennett   =   59.75

Matt Herrick &  Brian Munn    =   60.5

Steve Lay  & John Pinder    =    60.75

David Barnes & Rob Morrison     =    61.0

Matt Lever &Tony Lever    =    61.0

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole    =   Graeme Lanigan

6th Hole   =   Shane Johnson

13th Hole   =   Rob Di Virgilio

17th Hole    =    Brian Munn

Super Pin

David Black was the winner on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

No winner so 3 bottles next week


The Pro-Am being out of the way, a highly successful event if I may say so, things settled down to a boring Ambrose competition this week. There’s nothing electrifying about this game. In fact, it seems to have no spirited competitive feel about it. You hit, I hit, which one will we take? And so on. In fact, the competitive spirit for winning raffle prizes seems to far exceed that which the golfers show. And so we announce that this week’s Cliffex meat trays were won by Ray Jeffkins and that well-known Tiger supporter (at least this side of the Kananook Creek) Bob Cleary. As often happens, Ian Bright once again chipped in for a Crown Lager six-pack.

It is with some dismay that we announce the attack on the Bandit Barry O’Connor early last week. It appears that he was attacked by his bicycle in unfortunate circumstances, which left him with damage to his rib cage. A number of people have commented on this occurrence, finding that Barry has developed a passion for lifting his shirt and revealing the said damage, even in the supermarket, bank and assorted other businesses stretching along the Peninsula. There have been hints of a terrorist attack being the cause of his unfortunate circumstances, but I have heard a whisper that a few of the Rotten Mongrels Motor Cycle Club have been dwelling on him because of his close association with the Greasy Armpits Motor Cycle Club. A little bit of electronic modification on his bicycle was the true cause of his accident, so we ask all club members to be on the lookout for strangers, especially those dressed as police in Palm Tree Drive.

For further intelligent information check out for the latest in golfing at Safety Beach.

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