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2 Man Ambrose Stroke 28/03/2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw  & Raffle


Shane Johnson & Frank McAleer(2.75)   =   57.25

Runners Up

Kevin Biggadike & Col Anderson(3)   =   58

Ball Winners

Geoff Hammill  &  Mark Hammill   =  58.75

David Barnes  &  Neil Dennett   =    60.25

John Gray  &  Graeme Lanigan    =   60.25

Alan Coustley  &  David Lovell   =  61

Bruce Mclerie  & John Buckley    =   61

John Roach  & Rob Law   =   61

John Everard  & Ray Jeffries   =  61.5

John Hasler  &  Nand Kumar  =  62.25

Jimmy Rogers  &   Matt Herrick   =   62.5

Tony DeCorrado  &  Jason Williams   =   62.5

Steve Lay  &  Norm George   =   62.5

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =  David Barnes

6th Hole   =  David Phalp

13th Hole  =  Steve Lay

17th Hole    =  A N Other

Super Pin

Winner was Vince Iaccobacio

Wine Draw

John Pinder not present so 5 bottles next week

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

Another dull and dismal start to a golfing Saturday. The first group off the tee didn’t get away until about 7.20, which during the course of the game led to Dave Black to whinging monotonously about being later than 10.30 when he had to be away to take his daughter to netball. I wonder if he just wants to get there to watch the senior girls. Anyway rain dripped all over us for about half the morning, but because it was a team event I couldn’t let my partner the Bandit down. I think next Saturday might be Easter Cup day, so watch out everyone. Last year’s winner Alan Sole is striking really good form at the right time. Last week he hit three excellent shots on the back nine, and he followed up yesterday with a couple of beauties. Well, they looked like beauties from where I was standing. The trouble is, he keeps hitting them out of sight.

We had a raffle again, and this time it was Graeme Lanigin’s name first out to win a Cliffex meat tray. That was followed by John Roach winning the other meat tray. These days John is looking rather like Norman Gunston, with bits of dressing scattered over various parts of his body. He must shave himself rather like someone suffering Parkinson’s Disease. One dressing is even on his shin. Keep going, John. The six-pack of Crown Lager was won by Bill Fowler. No Paul Dennett again this week, but it is notable to say that during the steak night on Friday night first out for a meat tray was Kerryn Dennett. This family is having a great year. Matt Herrick is almost having hysterics each time the Dennett name is drawn out.

Friday’s steak night was highlighted by a great attendance, great steaks and salads, great music from Mick and his associate, and great dancing by Alan Coustley and Corinna Cross. One tricky series of steps led to both writhing on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. I haven’t seen dancing like that for years since my drunken brother tried to do do the Limbo Rock holding a full glass of beer in each hand.

The search for the missing “i” goes on. Last Sunday Jim and Brenda decided to shop at Dromana’s IGA. They parked in the carpark facing the highway, got out of the car, and were greeted by a number of voices yelling “I i sur!” “I i sur!” “I i sur!” Their heads swivelled in amazement, until they found out that it was the Sea Scouts over the road obeying orders, shouting “Aye aye

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