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2nd Round Alan McAlpine Trophy Stableford 20/02/2016


Former Handicapper struggles on the 12th hole

Results of Golf. Wine Draw and Raffle

McAlpine Trophy

Winner  Frazer Rankine with a 2 round total of    82 Pts

A Grade

Winner  Frazer Rankine(11)       =    39

R/up    Andrew Berkley(14)      =    38 c/b

B Grade

Winner  David Thompson(15)     =    41 c/b

R/Up   Dave  McCormack(15)       =     41

C Grade

Winner  Steve Bennett(23)   =    38

R/Up   Tom Killen(20)   =   37 c/b

Ball Winners

Barry O`Connor      =    40

Kevin Biggadike    =    38

Ian Bright   =   38

John Farthing   =     37

Tiny Lever    =     36

John Verrall    =     36

Ray Evans    =    36

David Black    =    36

Norm George   =   36

Rob Cleary   =   36

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =  Col Whitingham

9th Hole    =    Ian Bright

12th Hole   =   Steve Bennett

17th Hole    =   Andy Berkley

Supa Pin

Was won by Dave McCormack on the 4th hole

Wine Draw

No winner present so 6 bottles next week


The highlight of this day’s events was the shot by Ken Greer to the sixteenth green from about fifty metres out. Good connection and loft made it perfect for the end result, lobbing into Renato Urlus’s golf bag, ricocheting off his club heads and dropping right beside his feet. A shocked Renato looked around bewildered, letting go of his buggy control button, and trying to work out what had happened. Looking back he saw Ken waving his arms, then realised that his motorised buggy had continued without him and was heading for the agapanthus at the rear of the green. That’s the fastest I have ever seen Renato move on our golf course. I wasn’t close enough to hear the final discussion, but the vision was excellent. The second highlight was to be in the club rooms during the announcement of results when my mobile rang with the Bandit’s question as to whether his 40 points had won him the honours for the day at the very same time the announcement was made that his score had gained him only a ball. I could just picture him in tears at the news.

The raffle went ahead despite the Bruce McLerie bucks’ afternoon invasion. I doubt there has been a more noisy group in our club rooms. Meat trays were won by John Hannan and Frazer Rankine, while young Hunter Munn popped up again by winning the Crown Lager six-pack. Young Hunter has developed quite a taste for the amber fluid, and we are having to be careful of announcing his successes due to the possibility of investigation by the powers that be.

Further to last week’s story of the confrontation between the Happy Hoser of Coutts Street and the Grumpy Grandfather who happened to get squirted, we have heard that on hearing about this event the Bandit jumped on his bicycle and headed off to the Grumpy Grandfather’s house, making sure he kept well away from the Lever place on the way. He offered the Grumpy Grandfather the services of the Greasy Armpits Motor Cycle Club Enforcement Unit to help him in his endeavour to gain revenge on the Happy Hoser of Coutts Street. The Grumpy Grandfather was quite taken with the Bandit’s offer, but declined it because he has now bought a pump action water pistol with a 20 litre refill tank of Roundup, and is making subsequent plans to get even with the Happy Hoser when the chance comes.

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