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Golf Results 26/03/2016

Results of Golf. Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf

Results from this week are as follows:

Tuesday 22nd March: 1st Round 4BBB Stableford Championship

Winners: Sheradyn Johnson/Denise Law, 42pts
Runners-Up: Milica Cole/Barbara Bright, 39pts

9 Hole Winners: Joan Davies/Julie Galpin, 21 pts
Runners-Up: Judy Ireland/Lorraine Duncan, 16pts

Saturday 26th March: Stableford

Winner: Lois Weldon H/Cap 22, 33pts
Runner-Up: Pam Scholtz H/Cap 29, 32 pts on c/b from Jean Harle & Helen Danson

The Ladies Pennant team had a 4-3 win against Warburton at Mt Martha. We had 2 walk-over wins plus Sheradyn won 7/6 & Barbara Bright won 6/4 with 2 other matches going to the 18th hole.
We are hosting ladies Pennant on Thursday 31st March so the course will be closed to other golfers until about midday.
We play next at Warburton against Cerberus on Thursday 7th April.

Mens Results


Phil Graham, Peter Johnstone, Mark Diston & Wayne Ashley     =    51.125

Runners Up

Matt Herrick, David Ballingall,Alan Golby &  Matt Lever    =   52.75

Ball Winners

Mike Henry, Peter LeBeouf, Wally Galpin &  David Phalp  =   53.625

B,R,&J  Di Virgilio & Glenn Lazzer       =   54.0

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =   Vince Iacobaccio

9th Hole  =   Mike Jackson

12th Hole  =    Jay Di Virgilio

13th Hole   =  John Hannan

Super Pin

The winner on the fourth hole was  John Verrall

Wine Draw

No winner 10 bottles next week


If you reckon the word is titbits, have a good look in your dictionary, preferably the Macquarie Dictionary. Saturday gave us the opportunity to once again play Four Ball Ambrose. I don’t care who won, and if I had my way it would never be played again at this club. I hate letting team mates down! So my irritation while playing this game cannot be explained in language other than BAD! So, how can I let you know what’s going on down here that may be of interest? Well, first of all, all players will have noticed that over the last week there has been numerous truckloads of sand dumped on the area of land leading to the back nine of the golf course. And I mean numerous! Of course, I set about trying to find out what is going on, and one of my informants tried to kid me that all the tees around the course were to be renovated. New surfaces of sand and couch. I finally found a true insider who tells me that the club is going to construct a beach, running down to the creek, and that the creek will be dammed at the freeway end and at the Country Club Drive end. The idea will be to provide Safety Beach Golf Club with its own private beach, with sunbathing areas, a boat launching area, kayak and canoe sailing, and regular jet-ski racing on a Sunday. Think of the tourist potential!

We’ve had a few social nights over recent weeks, and to top them all off, last Thursday we were privileged to have Club Captain Tony de Corrado delve into his background to provide about three hundred mixed pizzas for members of the club to share in unlimited quantities. What a night! Captain Tony ran backwards, forwards, uphill, downhill, in and out of the club rooms, from inside oven to outside pizza oven, while wife Di aided and abetted him all the way. In one word, I can only describe their efforts as sensational! I was so impressed, that on Friday I decided to ring Tony the King of Pizza Cooking to congratulate him. Guess where my call was answered. Peterborough! Tony and Di had gone all the way to Peterborough! They live on the estate, and all I can think is that he may be a great pizza chef, but to miss his turn on the way home and to end up in Peterborough with all its mosquitoes was a bit of a wayward mistake. I just hope they can find their way home.

Oh yes. We had a raffle for those who decided to stick with the tried and true. Cliffex meat trays were won by new member Wayne Ashley and regular performer Mike Henry. Neil Dennett won a Crown Lager six-pack. Andrew Berkeley, a winner of a meat tray last week, this week won a box of Lindt chocolates, as did Jason Williams.

I wish all readers a very happy Easter, and remind the younger ones that my nephew Jimi Hocking will be performing at the Continental Hotel at Rosebud on Sunday.

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