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Ladies and Gentlemens Golf Results 02/04/2016


Results 0f Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Golf

Tuesday 29th March – 4BBB 2nd Round of Championship

Winners: Corina Cross/Shirley Gray – 46 points.
Runners Up: Lois Weldon/Val Morrison – 44 points

Championship Winners: Sheradyn Johnson/Denise Law – 79 points.

On Thursday 31st March the ladies hosted Pennant and it was a very successful day thanks to the efforts of the many who volunteered their time to help.

Saturday 2nd April – Stableford

Winner: Denise Law H/Cap 28 – 33 points.
Runner Up: Sheradyn Johnson H/Cap Scr – 31 points on c/b from Penny McCarthy.

The Pennant Ladies play against Cerberus at Warburton on Thursday 7th April. Good luck ladies!

Mens Golf

Medal Winner

Ian Trebble(26)     =    63

A Grade

Winner  Phil Graham(13)   =    66

R/Up    Graeme Lanigan(13)       =    67

B Grade

Winner    John Hayes(17)   =    65 c/b

R/Up   Barry O`Connor(17)     =    65

C Grade

Winner    Ian Trebble(26)   =   63

R/p Alan Thomas(26)     =    66

Ball Winners

John Roach    =    65

Jeff Harmer    =    66

Ian Cragg    =    67

Stephen Ryan     =    67

James Rogers    =    68

Tony Lever     =     68

John Gray    =    68

Wayne Ashley    =    68


Ken Greer with 24 Putts

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =   Tony De corrado

9th Hole   =   Steve Connors

12th Hole    =   Ian Trebble

13th Hole   =   Neil Dennett

Supa Pin

Was won by Barry O`Connor on the fourth hole

Wine Draw

 The ten bottles were won by Neil Dennett


Second day of April saw a good number of players, and even though the mid-morning produced a cold blustery wind for ten minutes, the rainfall didn’t seem to worry those on the course, nor did it deter early afternoon players. Recent greens treatment has left us with surfaces that leave a lot to be desired, but until normal rainfall happens we will just have to grin and bear it. This week’s raffle produced a new face as one of the meat tray winners. First out of the barrel was Tony Lever who is travelling very well over recent months. I won’t look up just how many he has won just yet because it’s becoming a little embarrassing. New club member Trevor Hogben broke the cycle a little by winning the other meat tray. Our congratulations to Trevor who is gradually settling in as he gets used to some of our more eccentric members. Third prize of a Crown Lager six-pack was won by David Walker.

Last week’s revelation of the reason for the massive delivery of sand to the club became a talking point for members. At this stage, no denial has come from the club as to the reason such a huge amount of sand has been delivered, but I have personally received many enquiries as to what opportunities exist for club members who wish to investigate what franchise opportunities are available. The range has been astounding, with towel hiring booths, sun lounge availability, skin tanning spray booth, juice bar, canoe and kayak hire, massage salon, hair stylists for men and ladies, swimsuit fitting service, baby sitting facilities, Donut King, Dominos Pizza, fish and chip counter, and a wine bar. John Roach asked if he could be General Manager, but we knocked him back because he was short of detailing. Matt Herrick missed out because his voice would be too much for the sound system to cope with. Colin Anderson asked if he could open a shop selling clothes for under-size children. Marjorie Burridge asked if she could run an indoor bowls tent. And the list goes on. We will let you know what develops as time goes by. The most amazing question came over the internet when a voice sounding suspiciously like a Filipino asked if it was true that Safety Beach now had the largest elevated golf sand bunker outside the Saharasert.

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