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Captains Presidents Trophy Stableford

Winners of Golf, Wine Draw  12/09/2015


Winner A Grade

David Thompson 38

R/Up Graeme Lanigan 37

Winner B Grade

Barry The Bandit O’Connor 39 

R/Up David Black 39

Winner C Grade

Renato Urlus 40

R’Up Frank Scoltz 37

 Ball Winners

John Gray 38

John Pinder 37

Andrew Thompson 36

Peter LeBoeuf 36

Kevin Biggidike 35

Tony Lever 35

David Bryan 35

John Sargent 35

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =   Peter LeBoeuf

6th hole   =   David McCormack

13th Hole  =  John Everard

17th Hole   =   John Pinder

Super Pin

Winner on the 4th Hole Kevin Biggidike

Wine Draw

 Winner Sheradyn Johnson Jackpot  2 Bottles next week


In today’s world of communication variations we (particularly people
of my generation) have to get used to terms that would never have
been foreseen twenty years ago. Terms such as hacking (my name is
Hocking) make me wonder if there has been a Hocking hacking back in
my younger days. Others to come to mind are “Youtube”, Facebook,
Twitter and a few others where you hear about news, situations or
reports or opinions going “viral”. Well, this weekend, I personally
went viral, at least that is how I saw myself in the zombie-like
image that presented itself to me in the bathroom mirror on Saturday
morning. I have been carrying a condition since my last visit to Bali
in February 2014. Something tipped it over the edge on Friday, and my
state of health was one which did not do me any good whatsoever on
this occasion. I certainly went viral, and had no option other than
cancelling my golf booking and the organising of the weekly raffle.
It was not my wish to present myself too closely to club members,
particularly serving food (unless it was to the Bandit). We run a
well-managed kitchen at Safety Beach, and I would never have forgiven
myself if I had been responsible for some outbreak caused by my own
condition. So that is why you didn’t have a raffle this week.

Just a note to lady members and friends: The Safety Beach Ladies Golf
members will be having a couple of special occasions very shortly.
Keep Oaks Day (Thursday 5 November) and the Annual Shopping Tour
(Sunday 8 November) clear. These two occasions are very popular, so
bookings are necessary. More soon.

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