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Carry the Flag Stroke 21/03/2015

Results of Golf,WineDraw and Raffle

A Grade

Winner  Graeme Lanigan(11)   =           66

R/Up   Seb Westley(8)    =   67 c/b

B Grade  

Winner  R Carter(15)  =  66

R/Up  Nand Kumar(16)  =  67

C Grade

 Winner  David Lovell(25)   =   59

R/Up  Jason Williams(21)  =    66

Ball Winners

Jared Vanderwit      = 67

Steve Bennett    =   67

Steve Edmundson     =    68

David Black      =    68

Gary Wright        =    68

Steve   Compy      =   68

David Duncan   =  68

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =  David Barnes

6th  Hole  =  David  Black

12th Hole   =   Andrew Berkley

17th  Hole =  Jason Williams


Winner   =    Seb Westley

Wine Draw

No winner

Raffle and Norm`s  Ramblings

Now, where was I? That’s right, I was announcing my last raffle for last week, and it wasn’t until I read the next web page that I realised that it looked as if it was my last raffle for all time. Sorry about that. It must have been changes to my mental faculties as a result of that nasty bit of eye surgery I had recently. Fear not. All is well, and we continue on our merry way. Talking about merry, as the raffle tickets sales went on this week, it became apparent that Paul Dennett wasn’t playing. You should have seen the faces light up. The worry had been that he was in line to gain a hat-trick of raffle wins, after winning the first prize two weeks in a row. Without Paul all we had to worry about were Ian Bright, David Ballingall, the Williams family, Tony de Corrado, Ken Greer and a few other regular winners. Lo and behold! First prize of a Cliffex meat tray was won by John Hannan. John happens to live in the shadow of Ian Bright on Saturday mornings, sitting at the same table and on many occasions buying tickets immediately following Ian’s winning purchases. This time the tables were turned! Second meat tray was won by Rob de Virgilio. Rob buys every week, and is a keen supporter of our fund-raising efforts. Third prize of a Crown Lager six-pack was won by Frank Scholz. Frank has certainly worked up a thirst lately with a couple of commanding golf displays, and showing that he has fully overcome last year’s surgery.

We observed Brenda and Jim Rogers going through the gardens outside the club house during the morning session. Armed with magnifying glasses it seems they were looking for Jim’s missing “i” (from liaison, not liason). They didn’t have much luck, only finding a tittle, which as trivia buffs know is the dot that appears above the main part of the letter “i”. Keep looking.

The Bandit was back in town yesterday, playing his usual solid game. When asked how the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras went he got all embarrassed. It seems he got the dates mixed up, and rolled into Sydney on the Sunday morning. The parade was on the Saturday night before. The Greasy Armpits Motor Cycle Club members were very hostile as they had been relying on the Bandit to be figurehead on their float, wearing the Carmen Miranda outfit. Members scouted all over Sydney trying to find a substitute, and finally made an arrangement with a travelling circus to borrow a chimpanzee to dress up as Carmen, and sit at the front of the float. They were lucky to find one, because it happened to be a dead ringer for the Bandit. It didn’t even require make-up.

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