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December 4th 2021 Monthly Medal

Saturday 4th December 2021 Monthly Medal

9 Hole results  7 players stroke and putting

Winner      $10 Paul Harrington     (29)  nett 30

Ball rundown 33 or better

32   Cheryl Saker      33 Di Camilleri

Players Draw   

 $60 Wally Galpin                       $30 Judith Whittaker

   $20 Jack Simmons                 $10 Grant Salomon

18 Hole Results – 94 players

Supapin $45 each:   4th John Hayes     12th Rob Law

NTP 2 balls each

2nd Barbara Bright                     13th Brad Burke            17th Glenn Lazzar             

Star Medalist for 2021             

Next Saturday an 18 hole  playoff between Brian Munn and Barry O’Connor      both 68

Monthly Medal  Results  –

Mens December Monthly Medal Winner :-  

  • Russ Henderson       (13)            nett 65

Putting 2 balls  :- Brad Grainger 26 putts on c/b from Ian Bright and Rob Law

Ladies November Monthly Medal  :   

Val Morrison         (35)  nett     63

              Putting 2 balls :-  Linda Fredricson       26 putts  .

Ladies best score for Saturday star medalist contenders was 65.

Winner  A Grade $30           Russ Henderson      (13)      65

R/up $15                               Rob Law                      (3)       67

Winner  B Grade $30         Teresa Lincoln           (17)      65

R/up $15                              David Walker             (15)       67

Winner  C Grade $30         Rick Walsh  (visitor)   (24)      64 C/b

R/up $15                              Dale Robbins (visitor)  (21)     64

Winner  D Grade $30         Val Morrison                 (35)       63

R/up $ 15                             Penny McCarthy           (37)      67

Ball rundown needed 68 or better

65  Linda Fredricson

66  Bradley Grainger , Jeff Harmer(visitor)

67  Brad Mason , Barbara Bright , Peter Salvesen    

68  Fred Hedges , Jade Marshall , Brian Munn , Barry O’Connor ,

       Anne Anderson

Club Captains Rambling

Summer cup players . Please ensure that your first round is played by end of December. If you are not sure of who you are playing the draw is in the Pro shop and in the website on-line under mens results.

Any players who are interested in playing in the Men’s pennant team for next year, played on Sundays in April and May , please advise me .

Likewise any members 50 and over who are keen to play masters pennant then also notify me . These games are to be played in October and November of 2022 .

I need this by 15th December .

Please keep your group up with the group in front not the group behind. Also remember the search time for a lost ball is 3 minutes so if not sure play a provisional.

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