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December Monthly Medal Stroke 03/12/2016

Results of Golf,Wine Draw And Raffle

Medal Winner

Bob Driver with a nett score of 62

A Grade

Winner  George Petris(8)     =   63

R /Up  Tony De Corrado(12)    =       67

B Grade

Winner   John Roach(16)    =     65

R/Up   Jay  Di Virgilio(15)    =    68

C Grade

Winner   Bob Driver(30)     =      62

R/Up   Rob Cleary(22)      =     64

Ball Winners

Mike Sims    =     65

Alan Davies   =    67

Col Whittingham     =      68

John Gray     =       68

Brian Munn    =     68

Ted Galloway    =    68

Vince Iacobaccio      =     68

Wally Galpin    =    69

Jack Simmons     =      69

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole    =    Brian Munn

9th Hole     =      John Roach

12th Hole    = Tony De Corrado

13th Hole    =    Peter Le Boeuf

Supa Pin

The winner on the 4th Hole was Peter Johnstone

Wine Draw

The winner of three bottles was John Roach

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

In an unusually quiet atmosphere on Saturday night a Cliffex meat tray was won by Mike Henry (What! Again!) with the ticket numbered 87 of the three he received. Mike is feeling so lucky that he has put ticket number 89 into the regular haggle the club runs, and there also seems to be some other little market idea where he has placed ticket number 88. We’ll keep you posted. The other meat tray went to David Lovell, while the Crown Lager six-pack was won by John Roach. Thanks to those for their support once again. Special thanks to Vince Iacobaccio for supplying bread and salami specialties for our hungry members.

It would be nice to find out the names of the two golfers, riding in a light cream-coloured cart on Friday night at about 9 o’clock, with one extremely bright headlight heading south on the fifth fairway. A couple of shots that I couldn’t make out came down towards where I was observing, but it was rather difficult to pick up where they bounced. One final shot came from about midway along the lake, and the next thing I saw was the ball zooming across in front of me, bouncing off the back wall of my house about three metres from glass doors which face north, and rebounding in behind our water tank to nestle up against a side fence. By the time I had retrieved it the cart was well on the way to the tee further along. meeting up with another cart before they both drove off into the distance. There was no way that I could get a sighting of the two occupants. Just goes to show you: your house may face a certain direction so that there is no risk of ball damage off the tee, and you get a couple of clowns playing in the wrong direction, with the possibility of damage occurring on a dwelling place.  I let it be known that it is wise to keep an eye out through the rear of your home. If we could get just one person nabbed and fined, it could be a deterrent to others.

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