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Dulux Trophy Stableford 11/04/2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

A Grade

Winner  Harry Carter(9)    =   41

R/Up  Jed Berkley(10)   =  10

B Grade

Winner   David Bryan(18)   =  38  c/b

R/Up  Johh Roach(18)  =  38

C Grade

 Winner  Ron Cross(26)   =   41 c/b

R/Up  Rob Cleary(25)   =  41

Ball Winners

Matt Lever   =   39

David Duncan    =   38

Frank McAleer   =   38

Matt Edwards   =   38

Matt Herrick   =   37

Jay Di Virgilio   =    37

Jim Rogers   =  37

Steve Lay  =  36

Rob Di Virgilio   =   35

Andrew Golby   =   35

David Lovell   =   35

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =  David Phalp

9th Hole   =  Col Anderson

12th Hole   =  Peter Corby

13 Hole    =  Geoff Hammill

Super Pin

The winner was Peter Corby

Wine Draw

The 6 bottles were won by John Sargent

Back to one next week`


When I finish my normal 7.00 am round of golf on Saturday morning, I pause and reflect on how poorly I played, the very pleasant camaraderie of Dave Black, Alan Sole and the Bandit, and the forthcoming day full of pleasantries that make my membership of this golf club such a highlight of my week. I don’t need to win anything, but it’s always nice to get enough Stableford points to win a ball, or on the very rare occasion even score a nearest the pin result. My golfing friend Alan Sole won last year’s Easter Cup, a fact that I deliberately highlighted on numerous occasions over ensuing weeks. Amazingly, Alan has never seen the trophy in question, nor any associated article inscribed with his success. A bit sad, really. Having a quick look on Saturday we found a very jaded looking cup in one of the club cupboards with the inscription “Easter Cup”. The last inscription indicating a winner was 2010. Hmmm.

With that off my chest, the weekly raffle has started to reach unexpected heights in the rivalry of who buys the first ticket. Sometimes it feels like a gaggle of geese surrounding me, as I fight my way through the five-dollar notes waving in my face, trying to remember who has paid before writing down names. It’s a peculiar result we end up with the second group of players having such a success rate. We can probably put this down to the fact that the first group (including me) never buy tickets. Just think of the different success rate there would be if we did. By the way, my wife buys the first ticket each week before I depart for the club, and she never wins! Strange that!. Anyway, first Cliffex meat tray on Saturday was won by Mike Henry. It’s been a little while, but having to compete with Graeme Lanigin, Wal Galpin and Wayne Dye has made it difficult. Another group later on Saturday morning, chaired by Ian Bright, brought the news that Ted Young was celebrating his 87th birthday. Happy birthday Ted! To celebrate, Ted bought one ticket, and promptly won a meat tray., Now. just how can you account for such a result? A birthday and a meat tray to go on with. Good luck, Ted. Falling into the background, the Crown Lager six-pack was won by Ray Jeffkins. Ray just buys tickets and pockets the Crown Lager with monotonous regularity.

Noticed on the course on Saturday was the splendiferous outfit worn by Frank McAleer. I have a feeling that the gaudiness of the costume was noticed by the Bandit when he went on his un-noteworthy jaunt to Sydney recently to be involved in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. He brought this outfit back for Frank, thinking it was worth winning a private bet they had. Other noteworthy items around the club are that David Ballingall returned to play after his recent achilles problem, Sheradyn Johnson  is riding the quest of a wave with a win in the Australian Under 14 Golf Championships for girls, and also achieving a ranking of 20 in the Australian Ladies’ Golf Championships. If I have got this wrong it’s because certain people didn’t seem to want this information mentioned. Finally, an Easter visit to Peterborough by the Rogers family brought a certain amount of happiness when they returned home to find that someone had kept an “i” on things for them.

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