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February Monthly Medal Stroke 06/02/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

February Medal

Brian Munn(3)       =   64

A Grade

Winner  Brian Munn(3)        =    64

R/Up    John Everard(13)     =    67

B Grade

Winner   Ray Evans(15)     =    67

R/Up  John Hannan(19  =     68

C Grade

Winner   Neil Fredickson(23)   =    65

R/Up   Phil Barnes(23)    =     68

Ball Winners

Colin Anderson     =   68

David Bryan   =      69

Mike Sims    =    69

Geoff Hammill    =    69

Tony De Corrado    =   69

John Verrall       =    69


Was won by John Roach with an amazing  21 putts

Nearest   the Pins

6th Hole    =   Peter Johnstone

9th Hole    =   Matt Herrick

12th Hole     =      Phil Barnes

13th Hole   =   Brian Munn

Super Pin

Was won on the fourth hole by  Shane Johnson

Wine Draw



A great day with a great turnout of players to make the first Saturday of the month a fitting effort by all to gain the honour of the Monthly Medal. While I didn’t come within cooee of the result, it still gives me a nice feeling to join in the competition, and because of what I see in the results as they come up on the computer the feeling that at least one player had a worse score than mine. No names mentioned.

Another raffle with the usual prizes of two meat trays and a six-pack of Crown Lager saw a win by the youngest of our ticket buyers. Hunter Munn demanded our usual deal of three tickets for $5, and won! Several members of the Committee for Shielding Raffle Ticket Sales to Children Under Four Months (CSRTSCUFM) were present, but a couple of our security staff in Matt Herrick, David Ballingall, Kevin Biggadyke and John Hasler intervened and dumped them into the new lake on the fourteenth hole. It was exciting to see them race off with mud dripping in all directions, and plenty of members pursuing them into the distance. So, the result was young Hunter winning a Cliffex meat tray, David Thomson winning another, and to the sound of loud booing Neil Dennett winning the Crown Lager six-pack.

To those members who found registering for a round of golf this morning difficult, pay your annual subscription immediately so that you and the powers that be will not be humiliated.

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