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Foursomes Ch/Ship 2nd Round Stroke 16/05/2015

Results of Golf Wine Draw & Raffle

Gross Winners

Rob Law & David Barnes     =   151

Nett Winners

David Ballingalll &  Jim Rogers(15.5)    =   135

2nd Round

Winners David Ballingall  &  Jim Rogers(16.5)   =   62.5

R/Ups Andrew Thompson &  Frazer Rankine(13)      =  65

Ball Winners

David thompson & Jason Williams(16.5)    =   68.5

Matt Lever &  Tony Lever(9)   =   69

David Lovell & Mike Easton(26.5)     =   70.5

John Verrall  & Kevin Biggadike(9)    =   71

Colin Anderson & Vince Iacobaccio(10)     =  72

David Barnes  & Rob Law(4.5)   =   72.5

Stableford Event

Winner Mike Jackson    =   39 3

R/Up  Don Thompson   =   38

Ball Winners

Bill Fowler   =     34 c/b

Jim Campbell  =   34

Col Whittingham   =   34

Harry Potter    =    34

Nearest the Pins

6th hole   =   David Thompson

9th Hole  =   Mike Jackson

12th Hole   =   Wayne Dye

17th Hole   = A N Other again

Super Pin

On the 4th hole was won by Brian Munn

Wine Draw


Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

On Saturday afternoon I gazed out across the length and breadth of the fifth fairway wondering just why it looked like Flinders Street Station at evening peak. There were that many golf carts you would have thought you were in the all-day parking area at Tullamarine airport. Players participating in the Foursomes Championship were banked up in all directions, seemingly blocked off by what was either a sixsome or eightsome gathering of players instead of what was supposed to be four golfers playing as pairs. This huge group occupied the green for what seemed to be nearly 15 minutes. Another group of four waited (they seemed to be patient about it), while the tee was filled by whatever number of players formed the next group. It certainly reinforced my opinion that foursomes is the pits, and should only be played on a Sunday.

However, on to nicer things. We had the usual raffle, which was well supported by most club members. First prize was won by a new member in Bertrand. I don’t mean that’s where he lives. No, he lives on the estate, has joined the golf club recently, and like most newcomers prefers to be called initially by his Christian name. Welcome, Bertrand. I’m sure we’ll get to know the rest of your name later this year. Second meat tray was won by Frazer Rankine. He has won once or twice in the past, and it always gives me an uneasy feeling when his name comes out of the barrel because his mobile is always switched off or out of range. I’m hoping Peter Johnstone can get in touch to inform Frazer of his win. Third prize of a six-pack of Crown Lager went to Don Thompson. Once again Mike Henry paid up before play began, this time outside the pro shop. I can inform Mike that he missed out on the beer by the barest margin. Don Thomson had yellow ticket 72 to Mike’s 71. In fact, the three tickets drawn out were 72, 78 and 93, all sold within a few minutes of each other.

Not much to report around the club at present. Work continues on tee alterations which gives a certain amount of satisfaction to those raising money for the club. I notice the Bandit gaining one of his regular mid-week dividends last Wednesday, I find it odd that on Saturday, playing Stableford with him, I matched his score of 29 points. What is it that makes his mid-week efforts so fruitful? Jason Williams has given us some food for thought with certain anatomical details that make my mind boggle. I think his club mates should hold a meeting with a view to having a view, and then putting us into the picture as well. A certain club member has saved his girl friend’s mobile as “Low Battery”. Whenever she calls him, in his absence, his wife takes the phone and plugs it into the charger. Give that man a medal.

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