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Gala Day Results Sunday 13/11/2016

Gala Day Thanks and Results

Below are the results of the Gala Day which looks like becoming an annual event as everyone had such a great time. Any volunteers to help organise the next one??
We were very lucky with the weather on the day because whilst it was not the best we only had a couple of light showers towards the end. Considering the forecast & how the day started out we were lucky to be able to play at all. Well done to everyone for turning up.
Thanks to Damon & team for organising the course for us, we nothing but positive feedback so well done! A huge thanks to Shane for his help from the start, for providing his knowledge & experience as well as some prizes. Also for his help on the day, his swing was given a good work out on the 1st & 17th holes throughout the day.
Without the help of many ladies & their husbands the day would not have gone so smoothly so thanks to John & Barb Sargent, Ian & Lucy Bond, Maggie & Tyrrell McGeever, Jim & Judy Hunter, Margaret Carroll, Helen Danson, Ilse Urlus, Jean Harle as well as Karen Rikken who organised the bar staff for the day. Not forgetting my ever helpful Neil


N.T.P’s for Ladies (2nd shot)
2nd Hole: Kim Reynolds
9th Hole: Leonie Hamilton
17th Hole: Kim Reynolds in the hole!!
N.T.P’s for Men

2nd Hole: Michael Hamilton
9th Hole: Matt Herrick
17th Hole: John Gray

Fun Holes inside the Circle
4th & 12th Holes: Shirley Gray, Alan Coustley, Graeme Danson, Renato Urlus, Eric White & Don Walsh.

Longest/Straightest Drive on 15th Hole
Ladies: Roslyn Thompson

Men: Andy Thompson
A family affair there!

Jimmy Rogers, Brenda Rogers, Andy Golby & Kate Golby with nett 49.5 off H/Cap 14.5

Runners Up
Eric White, Lois White, Gordon Reynolds & Kim Reynolds with nett 52.87 off H/Cap 13.13

3rd Place
Matt Black, Joel Buchanan, Ben Maguinness & Linda Fredricson with nett 53 off H/Cap 9

4th Place
Frank McAleer, Alan Coustley, Robin Hicks & Karen Rikken with nett 54.37 off H/Cap 12.63

5th Place
Andy Thompson, Roslyn Thompson, Alysha Mein & Hayley Trickner with nett 54.5 off H/Cap 18.5

Congratulations to all of the above who won the many prizes that were on offer & thanks to all who supported the event, it is really appreciated by the ladies and Clothes 4U. Hope to see more participants next year.


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