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Gentlemen`s Golf Monthly Medal Stroke/Putting 03/02/2018

Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Championships Round One

Medal Winner

Ian Bright(11)     =      62

 A Grade

Winner  Ian Bright(11)          =   62

R/Up    George Petris(9)        =      66

B Grade

Winner    David Ballingall(17)     =    66

R/Up  Col Whittingham(19)      =     68

C Grade

Winner  John Heib(21)     =      64

R/Up   David Lovell(23)    =    68

D Grade

Winner   Mike Sims(28)     =     63

R/Up  Brian Taylor(29)    =    68

Ball winners

Frazer Rankine      =    68

Steve Lay        =      68

John Pinder    =    69

David Phalp    =     69

Neil Dennett   =    69

Rob Law       =      69

Gary Wright      =     69

Dale Pitt       =      69

William Potter       =      69

Mike Szietz      =    69

Near the pins

6th Hole    =    Tony De Corrado

9th Hole      =    David Barnes

12th Hole    =   David Mair

13th hole   =   David Lovell

Super Pin

The writing on the Pin Marker had been destroyed

Wine Draw

The three bottles was won by Mike Szietz back to one next week


The Meat tray was won by John Hawes. The bar voucher was won by Peter Johnstone. The balls were won by Col Anderson , Jeff Harmer and John Verrall


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