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Gentlemens Golf Results 26/11/2016

Results of Golf Wine Draw and Raffle

A Grade

 Winner Ted Galloway   =    38

R/Up  Tony Lever    =      35

B Grade

Winner  Jay Di Virgilio     =     40

R/Up   Tom Killen      =   39

C Grade

Winner    Norm George     =    41

R/Up    Paul Dennett      =     36  c/b

Ball Winners

Frank McAleer     =      37

Gary Wright    =     36

Bertrand De Sant-Pern      =     35

David Walker       =    34

Jim Campbell   =    33

Dwayne Ryan       =    33

Bob Driver     =   33

Stephan Ryan     =    33

David Barnes       =     32

John Gray   =      32

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole    =   Norm George

6th Hole     =    Ian Bright

12th Hole    =   David Barnes

17th Hole    =      Dwayne Ryan

Super Pin

The winner on the 4th Hole was David Mair

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

A great reaction to Saturday’s first ticket pulled from the barrel, with popular club member Rob Driver, co-donor with son Steve of the prize hams for the day’s competition, winning the Cliffex meat tray. Rob and Steve support the raffle every week, and it’s a fitting success for them. Second meat tray went to Rob di Virgilio, a winner on a number of occasions now, but he is another constant supporter, and we thank him. Third prize of the Crown Lager six-pack was won by Mark Hopgood, his first win ever at this club, and we congratulate him for his support also.

I have a question to ask, and I request members to search their minds and come up with a sensible answer to the following question. When the Pro-am finishes next January, and speeches and prizes are being awarded, will our noisy nucleus of horse backers still have the right to carry on so raucously if another race happens to be broadcast as those particular speeches are being made? It’s become a monster, and something should be done before it gets totally out of hand. In my case, I do not like to have someone tell me to get out of the way and shut up because a horse race is about to begin. We have a few members who now decline to stop for a drink after play because of the noise. The mainstream area of the club rooms has been completely taken over, and it’s about time that race meetings and the betting fraternity were relegated to the TV in the back room, away from the major groups of wives, girl friends, families and children. I would appreciate any support for this move, which is designed to make our social activities in the club rooms less noisy more enjoyable and far more suitable. What say you?

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