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Golf Results Saturday 12/11/2016

Result of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Mutiple Stableford


Col Whittingham, Rob Cleary,Andrew Thompson, Don Thompson  =   130 Pts


Doug Harle, Graeme Danson, Jim Campbell, Gordon Crompton    =    124

Ball Winners

Mike Henry, Peter Le Boeuf, Wally Galpin, Harry Porter   =    118
David Walker, Andy Golby, Steve Bennett, Ron Cross   =   116
Nearest the Pins
6th Hole    =    John Farthing
9th Hole    =   David Barnes
13th Hole    =   John Roach
17th Hole     =    George Petris

Supa Pin

Was won by John Farthing on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

The 4 bottles were won by Brian Munn. Back to 0ne bottle next week

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings


Yesterday saw Inflation Golf taken to a new level. The “game” was Multiplication Stableford, and the scores turned out to be so outrageous that those ending up with unsuccessful totals even up to 110 points cringed in disbelief at what a couple of morning groups achieved while the wind velocity was still quite low. Col Whittingham, Bob Cleary, Andrew and Don Thompson scored 130 points! That’s right! 130 STABLEFORD POINTS! That meant that club legends Doug Harle, Graeme Danson, Jim Campbell and Gordon Crompton just missed out on winning with a total of 124 points. Imagine this: the difference in these scores was the result of just one less shot somewhere around the course for the runners-up. Silly golf once again rears its ugly head. I still say that Irish Stableford, Irish Four Ball, Foursomes and Bisque Par are the most unpopular of the golf games, and with Inflation Golf added, it just about sums up the feelings of a great number of players.

Summing up the raffle results, we had the bar staff well to the fore with Saturday’s results. Di de Corrado, filling in behind the bar as she often does, won a Cliffex meat tray, as did volunteers Phil and Wendy Simmons (their first ever win as far as I can remember). The Crown Lager again saw a volunteer win, this time it was Kate Golby who immediately secreted it away somewhere so Andrew couldn’t get at it. Evidently, he is a cupboard drinker, but who wants to suck on wood with today’s variety of satisfying liquid refreshment?

A reminder of this year’s Christmas break-up: this will be celebrated on 27th November in the usual area behind the club rooms. There will be plenty to occupy the children, with a jumping castle, novelties, and Santa will make his appearance. The annual raffle of Christmas hampers will be drawn. I say hampers because at last sighting there seemed to be about five or so arranged in the usual corner. There are plenty of tickets available, with the books of ten enabling sales of three for $5 and the remaining ticket giving the seller a free ticket. Further donations of goods will be very welcome, so get in touch with Corinna Cross at the club to arrange a meeting.

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