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July Monthly Medal Stroke 04/06/2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Medal Winner

Dennis Lanigan(15)     =    65

A Grade

Winner  Derrik Farr(13)  =   68

R/Up  Jay Di Virgilio(14)   =   70

B Grade

Winner  Dennis Lanigan(15)  =   65

R/Up  Stephen Bennett(19)  =   69

C Grade

Winner  Brendan Anderson(23)   =   73

R/Up David Ballingall(20)   =   74

Ball Winners

Frazer Rankine    =    70

Jimmy Rogers    =    70

Ted Galloway    =    70

Jason Williams   =   70

Vince Iacobaccio   =   70

David Thompson   =    71

Geoff Hammill    =    73

Colin Anderson    =   73

Vince Godino     =     73

Alan Sole        =     73


David Thompson with   25 Putts

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole    =    Matt Hammill

9th Hole  =  Frazer Rankine

12th Hole    =  Ted Galloway

13th Hole    =  A.N Other (again)

Super Pin

The winner on the 4th was John Gray 

Wine Draw


Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

Thank you, oh Weather Bureau experts. A forecast of late morning rain became a 7.30 a.m. soaking for yours truly and the other early suckers who came out to play on Saturday morning. Fortunately (?) my golf cart broke down for the second successive Saturday, and after getting it going again home I went as the skies opened. My total number of hits: three! This past week hasn’t been very good for me, what with cart breakdowns and falling over in the bog beside the lake just off to the left of the first tee. Have you ever tried to walk out of an oozy section of mud, found one foot feeling really damp, and then realising that your shoe was still embedded in gluey quicksand? Oh well, what’s the use? Just play on without a sock on that foot, and put up with the consequences.

We tried something different to go with the raffle this week. Through an anonymous source we were able to obtain a voucher enabling the user to gain two tickets to the Channel 9 Footy Show. First thought was to use it as a raffle prize, but after due thought it was decided that auctioning would gain a better result. After all, as a prize it was considered something that quite a lot of ticket buyers would have no use for. Can you imagine Jean and Doug Harle winning and using Footy Show tickets? Or Stan Petty? Or Jim Campbell or Don Camm? Or Tyrrell McGeever? Or Ben Nancarrow? However, the auction was considered the way to go, and the result was a winning bid of $60 by David Walker. We thank those who made bids, and thank them for their enthusiasm. To David we wish to express our thanks for his generosity and having the club’s interest first and foremost in what to my mind is the first auction attached to our fundraising programme.

There were normal raffle prizes as well. Frank Scholtz won a Cliffex meat tray, Matt Herrick and Derrik Farr won top of the range Lindt chocolate boxes, and Bill Fowler popped up with yet another six-pack of Crown Lager. Considering the weather, the day’s result from our point of view was a great success. Thank you, one and all.

Bob Cleary has been having a purple patch lately, especially in the money stakes on Wednesdays. An investigation is to be carried out after information volunteered anonymously has indicated that we are not seeing the real Bob Cleary, but instead Barry the Bandit wearing a gorilla suit with a Bob Cleary mask. Tactics such as these are not considered fair and proper, and we are at present negotiating with the Greasy Armpits Motor Cycle Club to see if their Enforcement Committee can investigate the matter.

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