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Ladies and Gentlemens Golf Results 06/08/2016


Friday 19th August is another Pasta Night. Come along and enjoy


Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Golf


Gentlemen`s Golf

August Medal

Medal Winner

David Black(17)     =    63 nett

A Grade

Winner Kevin Biggadike(6)    =    65

R/Up  John Verrall(8)     =    67 c/b

B Grade

Winner  David Black(17)    =     63

R/Up   David Ballingall(15)    =    69

C Grade

Winner  David Mair(29)    =   65

R/Up   David Mills(31)    =    69

Ball Winners

Mike Jackson    =   67

Rob Di Virgilio    =    68

David Thompson    =    69

John Everard    =    69

Matt Herrick    =    69

Ray Jefkins   =    69

David Walker    =     70

Brendan Anderson     =   70

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =   Rob Law

6th Hole   =    Mike Sims

13th Hole    =   Rob Di Virgilio

17th Hole   =  Brian Munn


The winner was John Verrall on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

the winner of the 2 bottles was John Everard

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

Last week I wrote my feelings about dopey golf games, such as the one played the day before when Canadian Foursomes was the scheduled competition game. I admit my dislike of this type of golf comes from my own ability at the age of 82 (in a fortnight) to perform to my own satisfaction in team games. I do not like to let down a playing partner, even though earlier this year I had the good fortune to partner Graeme Lanigin in an Ambrose competition which we won. I get no satisfaction other than that one-time success due to the 500 metre hitting by Graeme and my own putting skills. However, there is another factor involved in dopey golf. Last week’s numbers were significantly lower than normal. Yesterday’s Stroke round with Monthly Medal brought out far more golfers, even though conditions were identical to the previous week. In fact, this week’s raffle figures showed a 27.5 PER CENT INCREASE, and I am sure that bar sales would have had a corresponding result. I strongly point out that dopey golf costs this club money, and it should only be played on Sundays where mixed doubles would be far more suited to those who like to play less serious golf. I rest my case.

I hope those who like Olympic Games get plenty of entertainment from the world’s biggest spend-up. My wife and I will watch whatever arouses our interests in the mix, but if the commentary gets our goat too often we will probably turn it off. It’s bad enough to watch football with a Bruce McAvaney commentary without having to listen to his obsessive “Aw gee” statistical presentation of detail in an Olympics presentation. Can you imagine the thousands of hours of research he would have been compiling coming up to this occasion? Every little second or part-second of time in every event? It’s quite on the cards he would have so many intimate details, even the urine sample contents for drug testing, that he will be bursting to thrust such knowledge on to us unsuspecting watchers and listeners. I will turn my hearing aids to off.

Raffle results this week were won by Peter Corby and Mike Henry (Cliffex meat trays), and John Verrall won the Crown Lager six-pack.

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