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Ladies and Gentlemens Golf Results 09/07/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf

Gentlemens Golf


A Grade

Winner  Vince Iacobaccio(15)     =   +5

R/Up    Mike Jackson(5)     =     +2 c/b

B Grade

Winner  Steve Connors(33)    =    sq

R/Up    John Farthing(  )    =    -1

Ball Winners

David Bryan   =   +2

Graeme Lanigan     =    +2

John Ryder    =    +1

Rob Di Virgilio    =    +1

Peter Le Beouf      =    +1

Jay Di Virgilio    =    +1

Derrik Farr     =    sq

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =   Rob Cleary

6th Hole    =    No One

17th Hole    =    Mike Jackson

Supa Pin

Was won by Mike Jackson on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

The 3 bottle were won by Neil Dennett

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings 

Residents in this area sure had a mixture of weather over the last seven days. The last week and a bit of June made the course very damp, yet we played on it last week, and the numbers were reasonable. This week saw 44 mm of rain dumped on Tuesday, the largest rainfall total I have recorded in the eleven years I have lived here. My gauge comes from Melbourne Water as part of their Waterways Floodplain Services Hydrology and Flood Warning statistical records, and I forward the year’s figures each year at the end of December. With our Tuesday downfall, and the 42 mm that fell on Arthur’s Seat at the same time, I’m sure Melbourne Water’s staff will be most interested in any further heavy precipitation in this area. I decided on Friday not to play on Saturday after taking a walk on the fifth fairway. The extensive rainfall put me right off after splashing through similar conditions the previous week. Early on Saturday morning I popped out the back door to see if any golfers were taking on the conditions, and sure enough along came the Bandit with Steve Ryan and Alan Sole. You’ll remember Alan. He won the Easter Trophy three years ago and still hasn’t seen the trophy, nor has it been offered to him in a presentation ceremony since that day. The usual exchanges occurred, things like “Weak rat!” and “Chicken sh*t!” and the banter that is so common between acquaintances. Of course I gave back as good as I got with “On your way, nerdbrains!” and “I hope you get bogged!” Made me think of another political party name: “The Straight Talking Party”, but they would never allow that one.

A better raffle result than expected saw Denise Law take out the first Cliffex meat tray, followed by Vince Iacobaccio with the second one. You would not believe this, but I bumped into Vince at Cliffex Meats as I was picking up our meat trays. He was in the process of buying what seemed to me about a fortnight’s food. I have spoken about coincidences before, and this was truly another incredible situation. Vince buys tickets every week without fail, and I get a great kick out of results like this. The Crown Lager six-pack was won by Michael van der Grouw. pronounced grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sort of like growl without the “l”. You can put in a “v” for good measure if you like.


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