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Ladies and Gentlemen`s Golf Results 17/09/2016

The first round of the Men`s Championship will now be on the 8th of October and not the 1st

Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Golf

Short message this week we have not had any ladies competitions due to the wet weather. Let’s hope it improves soon & that the course has a chance to dry out properly.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend & have a good week.

Gentlemen`s Golf

A Grade

Winner  Brian Munn(10)   =     63 c/b

R/Up  Jimmy Rogers(10)      =    63

B Grade

Winner  Tom Kileen(19)    =     63

R/Up   John Gray(19)     =    64

C Grade

Winner   John Farthing(23)    =    64 c/b

R/Up   Robert Cleary(24)    =    64

Ball Winners

Peter Johnstone    =   65

Peter Le Beouf      =     66

David Bryan      =    66

David Lovell      =    66

Nand Kumar     =    66

Ron Linsdell    =    67

Alan Coustley     =     68

Ian Bright      =    68

Derrik Farr     =    68

Jay Di Virgilio      =     68

Mike Henry      =       68

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole    =   Wayne Ashley

9th Hole    =     Steve Lay

12th Hole    =    Col Anderson

17th Hole     =   Nand Kumar


The winner on the 4th Hole was Jimmy Rogers

Wine Draw

The winner Ray Jefkins was no present so  2 bottles next week

Raffle and Norm`s Ramblings


No doubt club members will be getting excited by new tee construction on holes One and Seventeen, which no doubt will please Bill Fowler who is just about back to normal after having a recent fall on the First. Probably the most excited would be a group of older/senior members who decided to take teeing-up to new levels. Due to the very inclement weather that Safety Beach has incurred, golfing opportunities have been limited, so it was with great excitement those older/senior golf club members decided to have a hit on Friday afternoon. For the sake of privacy, let’s call them BM and SJ, and there is a third party involved we will call DM, who is a resident of Golf Course Lane. When these eager golfers reached the 16th hole, they decided to extend the hole by crossing the road, and teeing-up on DM’S front lawn, so they could belt their drives down the 16th as far as they could see. Because this was the first time the extended tee (front lawn), had been used, BM and SJ decided to video the drives, and provide colourful commentary for this inaugural tee-off. Being very pleased with themselves, SJ decided to share the video with DM, who was quite bemused, but managed to advise SJ his front yard contains only pebbles, and that the video showed SJ and BM had teed-off on his next door neighbour’s front yard. One wonders, if DM’s neighbours complain to the pro-shop about people playing golf in their front yard, what the explanation will be! Just another day in paradise.

An eight-day period when we experienced 57 mm of rain was softened by the pleasant sunny conditions on Saturday, and late afternoon was a very happy affair. Raffle time produced another meat tray win for Mike Henry (just how does he do it?), and the other meat tray was won by David Lovell. Karen Rikken has been on a world trip celebrating Robin’s 70th birthday, and returns to immediately win Robin a Crown Lager six-pack to continue the celebrations.


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