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Ladies and Gentlemens Golf results 18/06/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Golf

Tuesday 14th June 2016 – 4BBB Stableford, Royal Womens Hospital Qualifying
Winners:  Jean Harle H/Cap 22 & Helen Danson H/Cap 39, 33 points. Winners on count back.

Runners Up: Margaret Carroll H/Cap 42 & Kim Reynolds H/Cap 45, 33 points.
Congratulations to Jean, Helen, Margaret & Kim who will all represent Safety Beach at Eagle Ridge in September to try and progress to the finals of this event. Good luck!
N.T.P: Milica Cole on the 9th hole.

9 Hole Players – 4BBB Stableford
Renate Weiner H/Cap & Kath Dobson H/Cap 43, 12 points.
Insufficient players for runners up prize.

There were insufficient players for a competition today.

Gentlemens Golf

4 Man Ambrose


Tony De Vorrado, Rob Law,Ian Trebble & Brendan Anderson  =    50.875

Runners Up

Brian Munn, James Rogers, Andrew Golbie & David Ballingall    =   51.75

Ball Winners

Ian Cragg, Don Thompson, Col Whittingham & Rob Cleary   =    55.875

Alan Davies, Steve Lay,  John Pinder & Bruce Wills   =    55.875

Wally Galpin, Mike Henry, Harry Porter &  Graeme Lanigan   =   55.875

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =    Col Anderson

9th Hole   =   John Everard

12th Hole   =  Brian Munn

13th Hole   =   Bruce Murphy


Won on the 4th Hole by Neil Dennett

Wine Draw

Winner not present so 2 bottles next week

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

I’m sorry to inform one and all that once again the weather caused the weekly raffle to be cancelled this week, the first time this has happened since I smashed my hand a few years ago, and nothing happened for three months. But then I have had a few holidays in Bali when consecutive weekends have been missed. So just forget what I have written in the previous sentences, and prepare yourselves for the latest weather report. So far this month the course has received over 65 millimetres of rain, more than 50 mm of that total in the last week and a half. If Robin Hicks doesn’t stop praying for rain soon we’re going to end up living in a swamp. Thursday and Friday gave us a combined total of 18 mm, wet the grass down so badly that the instructions were given that all carts must stay on the paths, and that players must walk from the path to wherever their ball lies. Outside my back fence on Friday afternoon I could see the pools accumulating right across the fairway, and consequently my decision was made to not play on Saturday morning. Plenty of other people made the same decision, as I observed the numbers splashing across to their balls trying to play that God-awful Ambrose competition: a second reason to cancel. The morning produced eighteen hearty souls, which made me have a silent hope that each and every one of them had the worst score of their careers, especially Wally Galpin.


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