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Ladies & Gentlemens Golf Results 16/04/2016

Results of Golf Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Results

Tuesday 12th April – Stableford, Captain vs President Teams Event
Winner: Captain’s Team for 2nd year running!

Best Individual Score: Lynn Gray H/Cap 35, 36 points

9 Hole Competition
Best Individual Score: Julie Galpin H/Cap 45, 23 points. A great score for 9 holes!

The Pennant Ladies lost 6-1 to Berwick/Montuna at Mornington on Thursday 14th April. Linda Fredricson was our only winner with a 1 up victory. Jean Harle did very well taking her match to the 18th hole as well.

This was the final Pennant match for the season and we finished 6th with Mornington (3) being convincing winners.

Saturday 16th April – Par
Winner: Helen Danson H/Cap 39, 3 down
Runner Up: Corina Cross H/Cap 32, 4 down. On c/b from Jean Harle.

Gentlemens Results

4 Man Ambrose



Brian Munn, Dave Ballingall, Matt Herrick & Jim Rogers      =  58 gross


Ted Galloway, Pewter Johnstone, David Mair & Brad Botten   =   53 nett

Ball Winners

Don Thompson,Co; Whittingham, David Thompson & M Henry   =   53.375 nett

Tony Lever, Steve Connors, Geoff Hammill    =     54.0 Nett

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =  Rob Cleary

9th Hole    =   John Everard

12th Hole    =  Matt Herrick

17th Hole   =   No One

Supa Pin

The winner was Mike Jackson on the 4th hole

2nd Shot 18th

Geoff Hammill

Wine Draw

No winner so 3 bottles next week


Another day of playing Ambrose Golf, so who cares how it went? I suppose the significant part of the day was the presentation of the superb Hunter Cup donated by His Royal Highness of the Utmost Significance Prevailing over the Safety Beach Golf Participation and Anger Engendering Site, the one and only Hunter Munn, assisted by His Magnificence in the Production of Male Progeny, Mr Brian Munn. Applause required for this great father/son combination should be saved for the next time the Western Bulldogs have a win.

The warm feelings engendered by the above rapidly fell apart when a certain person, who happens to provide snacks all day on Saturdays, and who also sells raffle tickets between filling members with excessive calories, stood up and said his piece about food items missing from the refrigeration facilities in the kitchen of the club rooms. It appears that three packets of cocktail frankfurts were removed from the refrigeration facilities in the club rooms between noon on Wednesday and 11.00 a.m. on Saturday. No permission was asked or granted. Someone had the gall to remove these items without the courtesy of requesting permission, and at the end of presentations on Saturday evening still had not spoken up or made any effort to replace those items. It seems that future storage of food items in our kitchen will require a significant amount of thought.

Players will notice that all the sand dumped on the land between the ninth green and the tenth tee has been flattened well and truly in preparation for the beach preparation to coincide with the dam walls to be placed between the freeway and Country Club Drive. This has been done in order to assess levels for the new beach, and also to stop sand blowing into adjoining houses during the site preparations. More later.

By the way, there was a raffle on this significant (bleah!) Ambrose Golf day, and meat trays were won by newly-wed Bruce McLerie and Dennis Lanigin, while the Crown Lager six-pack was won by David Bryan. Further to that, it’s great to see Kevin Golding popping in late in the afternoon to meet and greet friends, and it’s also a great feeling to know that Andy Golding’s recent operation has given the family a much nicer feeling about his future. Keep fighting Kevin and Andy. We want to see both of you joining in the usual crap and nonsense in our very much changed Saturday afternoon environment.

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