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Ladies & Gentlemens Golf Results

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf

Tuesday 5th April – Stroke/Putting Monthly Medal

Winner: Sheradyn Johnson H/Cap Scr Nett 69. Also winner of putting with 27 putts.

Runner Up: Pam Scholtz H/Cap 29 Nett 71

9 Hole Competition
Winner: Kath Dobson H/Cap 45 Nett 38 on c/b

Runner Up: Renata Weiner H/Cap 22 Nett 38
Putting: Kay Sims with 17 putts.

The Pennant Ladies lost 4-3 to Cerberus at Warburton on Thursday 7th April in what was a close contest. Sheradyn Johnson, Linda Fredricson & Jean Harle all won their matches while Jenny Dovison lost on the 18th hole so it was that close to being a win for the team.

Good luck to the Ladies playing at Mornington next Thursday against Berwick/Montuna. This is the final Pennant match for the season, Handicap Match Play then commences on 6th May at Moonah Links.

Saturday 9th April – Stroke
Winner: Barbara Bright H/Cap 23 Nett 73
Runner Up: Linda Fredricson H/Cap 20 Nett 74

Mens Golf


A Grade

Winner Tony De Corrado(10)   =    42 pts

R/Up   John Verrall(10)   =    40

B Grade

Winner  David Ballingall(18)     =    45

R/Up Col Whittingham(19)     =    38

C Grade

Winner  Ian Trebble(25)    =     40

R/Up  Ron Cross(29)    =     39

Ball Winners

Tony Lever      =    39

Matt Herrick    =    39

John Roach      =    39

David Barnes    =     38

Andrew Thompson    =   38

Alan Davies   =    38

Vince Iacobaccio      =    37

Rob Law    =    37

Kevin Biggadike      =   37

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =    Andrew Thompson

9th Hole   =   Ian Bright

13th Hole    =    Mike Sims

17th Hole   =   Col Anderson

Supa Pin

David McCormack on the fourth hole

2nd Shot 18th hole

Mike Jackson

Wine Draw

The single bottle was won by Rob Law


Another pleasant day for golf, and even though I tried to convince everyone that Sunday this week was in fact Mother’s Day, I don’t think anyone was too confused at the thought. After all, April Fool’s Day occurred over a week ago, and one can’t expect too much from trying another way of flogging the same old nonsense. I do think that the way our raffles have been developing it seems that if your name is not Mike Henry, Tony Lever, Tony de Corrado, Ian Bright or Rob di Virgilio you have very little chance of winning a meat tray at this club. However, don’t let me put you off buying tickets. After all, recently started development work is mainly due to the regular raffle income, and is obviously due to the ongoing support of those regular ticket buyers. Thank you for supporting us. Speaking of the raffle, this week’s winners saw Tony de Corrado take his turn against strong raffle rival Tony Lever to win a Cliffex meat tray. Fair dinkum, it’s getting to be a bit of a circus with the rivalry between these two from one side of the room to the other. As if that wasn’t enough, Peter Corby’s  constant nagging and pleading finally won out when he won the other meat tray. One would think that God was looking down and taking pity on these poor devils who certainly don’t look as though they are starving. The Crown Lager six-pack was won by Club Pro Shane Johnson whose delight at this prize obviously fits the bill for a pleasant rest of the weekend.

Further to the beach resort supposedly planned for this area, it seems that the Friday publicity regarding a wave pool at Tullamarine has caused the ideas men at Safety Beach to go one better. Tullamarine will have waves of 1.9 metres. Safety beach will have waves of three metres. Furthermore, tenders will be called to subdivide the area so that bathing boxes of the Dendy Street Brighton quality will be called, with twenty sites being planned. Plans must show decoration styles and patterns, and deposits of $200,000 will be required. The suggested name of this development has been suggested as “Safety Beach Aquatic and Aquamarine Super-Dooper Water Sports Centre”. We look forward to your thoughts on what is in store for members at this magnificent asset of the Golf Club.

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