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Ladies &Gentlemen`s Golf Results 20/08/2016

Results of Golf, Raffle & Wine Draw

Ladies Golf

No golf this week because of the weather

Gentlemen`s Golf



David Ballingall(14) & Matt Herrick(12)    =    44pts c/b


Jason Williams(21 & Bruce McLerie(10)    =    44pts

Ball Winners

John Farthing & David Walker    =    43

Frazer Rankine & Graeme Lanigan   =    43

Vince Iacobaccio & John Verrall    =    43

Steve Bennett & Steve Connors   =   43

David Thompson & Tony De Corrado    =   42

Jimmy Rogers &   Brian Munn   =    41

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =   Steve Ryan

9th Hole   =   Ted Galloway

12th Hole   =   John Everard

13th Hole   =    Tony De Corrado


The winner was Graeme Danson on the 4th hole

Wine Draw

The winner of two bottles was Tony Lever

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings 


After a good run of August weather, Friday proved to be a real shocker, with 15 mm of rain recorded on the Safety Beach course, and scaring quite a lot of golfers off the Saturday competition. The raffle still went ahead, and a few welcome guests and non-players made up enough numbers to make it worthwhile. Vince Iacabaccio scored a Cliffex meat tray, as did Harry Porter, and the Crown Lager was won by David Walker, who also scored well through the Haggle draw. Next Saturday will see the raffle rested to allow some tired older people, one of whom has just celebrated a significant birthday total, to get a little rest in slightly warmer surroundings.
Speaking of surroundings, who says building a wall between Mexico and the USA won’t work? The Chinese built a wall over 2,000 years ago, and they still don’t have any Mexicans!
My thanks to today’s fellow golfers for making light of sloppy surroundings. The still limping Steve Ryan served up his best off the tee, as well as his typically well-aimed putting. Dave Black, in his own inimitable way, kept the smiles on faces despite the chill wind blowing, and it was nice to enjoy the company also of Peter Le Boeuf, one of the true gentlemen of this golf club. I think the biggest highlight of the round was the fact that Don Camm, Jim Campbell and Graeme Danson shared their round with Graeme’s wife Helen. I wasn’t game enough to ask who won, but returning to the club later in the afternoon I found Helen filling in behind the bar, a role she undertakes every now and again when a capable volunteer is required. Thank God we do have some very good people who help out in those emergencies.


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