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Ladies & Gentlemens Golf Results 23/04/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Results

Tuesday 19th April – Par, 1st Round President’s Trophy
B Grade Winner: Corina Cross H/Cap 32, 1 up
B Grade Runner-Up: Denise Law H/Cap 27, 1 down
C Grade Winner: Shirley Gray H/Cap 33, 1 down
C Grade Runner-Up: Kim Reynolds H/Cap 45, 3 down. On count back from Anita Powell

9 Hole Competition
Winner: Renate Weiner H/Cap 45, 2 down. On count back.
Runner-Up: Kay Sims H/Cap 43, 2 down.

Saturday 23rd April – Stableford
Winner: Lois Weldon H/Cap 22, 33 points
Runner Up: Jean Harle H/Cap 23, 32 points.

Mens Results

A Grade

Stephen Ryan(13)     =   +4

R/Up   Kevin Biggadike(7)   =    +2 c/b

B Grade

Col Whittingham(17)     =    +2

R/Up Peter Johnstone(19)      =    -1

C Grade

Ian Cragg(22)   =    +5 c/b

R/Up  Bruce Wills(21)    =     +5

Ball Winners

Graeme Danson    =    +2

John Farthing    =     +2

Dennis Lanigan     =    +2

Frank McAleer    =     +1

John Verrall    =    +1

Mathew Herrick    =     +1

Derrick Farr     =     sq

Steve Lay      =    sq

James Rogers     =    sq

Tyrrell McGeever     =    sq

Micheal  Van Der Gow      =     sq

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole     =    Graeme Lanigan

9th Hole    =   Pat McElhinney

12th Hole    =   Matt Herrick

13th Hole    =    Jimmy Rogers

Supa Pin


Wine Draw

The winner was Cathy Roussis but not present so 4 Bottles next week


One can only say that this year’s autumn is one of the best we have gone through in recent years. Despite the attempts of the Weather Bureau to waffle on about warmth and humidity and where the next rain shower will come from, we are definitely experiencing a good old-style autumn, where the weather will remain exactly as it is up until the middle of June, or even into early July. The only downpoint has been the lack of rain across our golf course. Let’s remember the last two years when the new grass sewing along the seventh fairway produced one of the most disgusting surfaces we have experienced at Safety Beach following soaking rain. Let’s hope it remains like this for another couple of months.

Saturday’s raffle had been of concern when it was learned that a large number of club members had decided to take off with their golfing gear and head for greener climates up near the Murray River. Thankfully, it made very little difference to our sales, and probably gave excellent opportunities for previously unsuccessful ticket buyers to score a win. And score they did! First Cliffex meat tray went to Helen Short, a resident and playing member on the estate. Second meat tray was won by Dave (Millsie) Mills, a friendly and loyal buyer of tickets over the last couple of years. Third prize of a Crown Lager six-pack was won by a ticket purchase in the name of RANDL, a husband and wife partnership sharing the Helen Short table of guests, and regular buyers of our raffle tickets. We thank all participants.

Last week it was drawn to our attention that a reference to newly-wed Bruce McLerie and Dennis Lanigin seemed to infer that these two club members were in a weird type of relationship which would be frowned upon by our rather conservative Federal Government. To our knowledge this is not actually the case. When we checked with both these gentlemen they denied being at any stage married to each other, even though Dennis did say that there was a time when he rather fancied Bruce (we think, as a golfing partner). However, when Bruce decided to wed regular lady friend Donna, it became obvious that any other relationship was impossible.

Regarding last week’s beef about cocktail frankfurts going missing from the golf club kitchen, we wish to state here and now that theft was not the case, simply an assumption that certain food items were removed because of an assumption that they may have been too long in the refrigerator, and should be consumed before they were out of date. We haste to assure members that the rumour that the cocktail frankfurts served last night were those previously missing from last week, found in the industrial waste bin, and heated up for consumption. No, not at all. As always, they were purchased at the ALDI Mornington store last Wednesday, as are our party pies, sausage rolls, biscuits and cheese each week.


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