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Ladies & Gentlemen`s Golf Results 24/09/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf

Tuesday 20th September – Foursomes Championship 1st Round
Winners: Shirley Gray/Jean Harle (27) Nett 75
Runners Up: Glenn Barber/Kim Reynolds (42.5) Nett 84.5

NTP 6th Hole: Jean Harle
NTP 12th Hole: Nobody on

There were insufficient lady players for a 9 hole competition on Tuesday.
Only 5 players were out there today with Barbara Bright (22) having the equal best score, on count back, from Jean Harle (23) as both had 25 points.
That’s all from me for this week.

Gentlemen`s Golf

A Grade

Winner David Thompson(13)      =    +4

R/Up  Andrew Thompson(43)     =    +1

B Grade

Winner  Pat McEhinney(19)     =    +2

R/Up    David Walker(16)    =    sq

C Grade

Winner   Don Thompson(21)    =   +3 c/b

R/Up  Ron Cross(29)     =     +3

Ball Winners

Rob Cleary   =    +1

Andy Golby     =    sq

Ian Craig    =    sq

Wally Galpin     =   sq

Col Whittingham    =    sq

Tony Lever    =    -1

Nand Kumar     =    -1

John Pinder    =    -1

Trevor Hogben      =     -1

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole    =    Steve Ryan

9th Hole    =    Matt Lever

12th Hole     =     David Thompson

17th Hole      =      Ken Greer


Brian Munn on the 7th Hole


The winner on the 4th Hole was Wally Galpin

Wine Draw

The winner of the two bottles was Matt Herrick. Back to one next week

Raffle and Norm`s Ramblimg


What a great day for golf and football (AFL and Stormers), and to cap it off we started to get to know a batch of those members who have been swanning around the country in their caravans, SUVs, Virgin and Jetstar flights, and God knows whatever else. Welcome back. I’ve already checked out Corinna Cross regarding this year’s Christmas raffle, and she says it will go ahead, although she will need some assistance as always, but especially one week in November when she will be missing. Not hard work, but to keep tabs on the prizes being displayed properly is important, as is their security. Any helpers will be welcomed. It’s all important for the continuing success of the Safety Beach Country Club. Donations will be called for, starting soon, so give Corinna a call on 5987 3429.

Last week’s revelation re hitting golf balls off a front lawn down the sixteenth fairway brought plenty of interest. No names will be mentioned, but for those doubting the veracity of the occasion I can state right here that I was informed about this by DM, PJ, FR, PC, and others who vouched for the integrity of those informers in TDC, ND, RDV, and MH. Definitely no BS attached! I have been informed also that the householder whose front lawn was involved has been making inquiries regarding the possibility of charging green fees and also operating a driving range operation. The rates will allow for golf cart parking, and if it proves popular enough he will also do deals for parking on his neighbours’ driveways. This will not apply to homes having pebbled areas.

A highly successful raffle yesterday saw the very first ticket-buyer in Wallace Galpin outdo the highly successful Mike Henry in gaining a Cliffex meat tray. Next week may see an early bird queue forming at around 11.15 a.m. to gain this coveted position. At long last David Mills won a meat tray, and as I always say it’s nice to see a good raffle supporter crack it at last. Enjoy that one, Dave. The Crown Lager six-pack was won by Christine Walker, who said she would have trouble concealing them from hubby David before she could get a chance to drink at least one of them!

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