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Ladies Results

Tuesday 1st March was Stroke/Putting & Monthly Medal. FYI, we have only B & C grades as do not have enough low handicappers for an A grade. There is also a 9 hole comp every Tuesday.
B Grade
Winner: Sheradyn Johnson H/Cap: scr Nett 71
Runner Up: Milica Cole H/Cap: 13 Nett 75. On count back from Barbara Bright.
Milica also won the putting with 25 putts.

C Grade/Medal
Cathy Roussis: H/Cap: 39 Nett 68

Runner Up: Margaret Carroll: H/Cap 43 Nett 74. On count back from Lynn Gray, Enid Hamilton & Penny McCarthy.

9 Hole Comp
Ilse Urlus H/Cap: 45 Nett 37

Runner Up: Joan Davies H/Cap 42 Nett 40

The Pennant Team played Mornington(3) at Rosebud & lost 5-2 with our only winners being Sheradyn Johnson & Jean Harle who were assisted by caddies Neil Fredricson & Doug Harle respectively. Based on this result perhaps we need to recruit more male caddies to help us win!
Next week the team plays Rosebud (2) at Berwick/Montuna. Good luck ladies.

Saturday Results:

Winner: Linda Fredricson H/Cap 21 Nett 66
Runner Up: Denise Law H/Cap 29 Nett 68


Gentlemens Results ,Wine Draw and Raffle

Medal Winner

The Medal winner was Jeff Harmer(25)   = 63

A Grade

Winner Frazer Rankine(9)      =   64 c/b

R/Up   Mike Jackson(6)     =   64 c/b

B Grade

Winner  John Hannan(17)   =   64

R/Up   Ron Linsdell(17)  =   70

C Grade

Winner  Jeff Harmer(25)   =   63

R/Up   Harry Porter  =     66

Ball Winners

Steve Driver    =   65

Tony De Corrado   =  66

Briam Munn   =   66

Dave Thompson   =    66

Steve Ryan    =   67

Geoff Hammill   =   67

Renato Urlus     =     67

Peter Corby    =   67

David Walker   =     68

Rob Morrisom    =    69

Andrew Thompson    =     69

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =   Graeme Danson

9th Hole   =   Matt Lever

12th Hole   =   Mike Jackson

13th Hole   =   Brian Munn


Brian Munn on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

No winner this week so 7 bottles next week


What a night! Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on television, and the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras annual funfest in Sydney. A truly perfect selection of Saturday night entertainment. This followed a once in twelve months ordeal for our golfers when they all arrived as normal and found to their horror that the greens had been cored. What joy! Some of the putting had to be seen to be believed. One leading member actually had five putts on one green, and admitted it because the word had got around very quickly. In my early morning group Steve Ryan actually chipped in twice from ten metres, while sinking another putt from about eight metres. The rest of us had to make do with putts that curved in all directions, and tended to end down for three or four, with the final two putts being less than a metre. The Bandit must have known something. He was rumoured to be in Tasmania for the weekend attending some new golfing paradise whereby with the expert tutoring available it was possible to double your handicap with six easy lessons. I’m not sure if this is really the case, because it would seem logical that he would try to avoid the necessary expenditure for such a programme. However, if there were some betting scheme to go with it he would be sorely tempted. I would be more inclined to believe that he was up in Sydney at the Mardi Gras because the Greasy Armpits Motor Cycle Club had a float operating.

The raffle went ahead with what is gradually becoming a growing attendance each week. Yesterday we even had a young girl bring along her pet rabbit. Cute! Tenille Munn brought along her young Hunter, and the di Virgilio family brought their grandparents. All nice to see. The two Cliffex meat trays were won by Derrik Farr and Shane Johnson, and the six-pack of Crown Lager went to Frazer Rankine.

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