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Ladies Golf Results

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Below are the results for the first round of handicap match play with those ladies (9 & 18 hole players) who qualified last week competing for the Summer Cup while others played for the experience of a different format. It was overcast for most of the day & became quite cool as the day went on with sun mostly absent. A total of 49 (30*18 holes & 19*9 holes) ladies played on the day.

Congratulations to the winners & all who played:

Summer Cup – 9 Holes

Dot Crompton (45) Defeated Judy Ireland (45) 4&2

Irene Hedges (45) defeated Pam Scholtz (38) 1Up

Joan Davies (45) defeated Margarite Stewart (45) 3Up

Sue O’Connor (34) defeated Wendy Simmons (42) 2&1

Next week, Dot plays Sue & Irene plays Joan in the 2nd round.

Other 9 Hole Results

Kath Dobson (45) defeated Pat Webster (45) 2Up

Lucy Bond (45) defeated Diane Tullberg (45) 3&2

Glenn Barber (45) defeated Pat Tindal (45) 4&3. Apologies to both Glenn & Pat for forgetting to announce their result on Tuesday.

Cheryl Saker (45) defeated Jude Latta (45) 3&1

Angela Hunter (41) defeated Robyn Swarris (45) 5&4

Maj Burridge (45) defeated Helen Short (45) 4&3

9 Hole Pro Balls were awarded to Enid Hamilton (Enid’s opponent was unable to play) Pam Scholtz, Judy Latta & Wendy Simmons.

Summer Cup – 18 Holes

Linda Fredricson (19) defeated Helen Danson (35) 8&6

Kathy Iredale (24) defeated Ros Frame (23) 2&1

Val Morrison (34) defeated Judith Whittaker (24) 2Up

Anne Anderson (32) defeated Joan Spence (31) 2&1

Gerri Robson (32) defeated Vicki Mallcott (38) 2Up

Lou Verstraelen (37) defeated Barbara Bright (20) 1Up

Angela Olarenshaw (31) defeated Lyn Greer (35) 3&2

Lee Grubb (41) defeated Susan Driver (43) 2Up

Next week, Linda plays Anne, Kathys play Lee, Gerri plays Lou & Val plays Angela in the 2nd round.

Other 18 Hole Results

Corina Cross (30) defeated Michele Cooke (25) 7&6

Di Camilleri (45) defeated Ros Champion (45) 6&5

Maureen Cousins (38) defeated Liz Gregory (26) 6&5

Jean Harle (30) defeated Cheryl Westcott (36) 1Up

Denise Law (26) defeated Teresa Lincoln (16) 3&2

Viv Goodson (35) defeated Anita Powell (31) 5&3

Robyn Hubble (40) defeated Penny McCarthy (36) 6&5

18 Hole Pro Balls were awarded to Barbara Bright, Ros Frame, Joan Spence, Cheryl Westcott, Teresa Lincoln Lyn Greer & Judith Whittaker.

All winners were given a ball so if you were not at the presentation please check the Pro Shop!

NTP 6th Hole: Liz Gregory

NTP 13th Hole: Barbara Bright

Remember to book by Friday night for next week when ALL ladies will be playing match play again. Those still in the Summer Cup will play in pairs while the others will probably be in fours again.

Take care & stay safe.

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