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Ladies Golf Results – Tuesday 8th March

There was a total of 45 ladies & 1 man (29*18 hole players & 17*9 hole players) who played in the Par events on Tuesday when the weather was a real mixed bag. There were clouds then sun then rain with a cool wind. The 18-hole players were competing for the Stan Petty Trophy.  

It seems there was some confusion about whether to play from the red blocks or plates on Tuesday. All 18-hole players should have teed off from the blocks on Tuesday. To clarify, the blocks will always be on the plates for Monthly Medal, any Championship event, Challenge Bowl or Peninsula Match Play but not for all trophy events. This is to ensure that the tee block is not over used. As the 9-hole players were not competing for a trophy yesterday, those 75 & over were allowed to tee off from the tee block over the bridge on the 1st & from the yellow blocks on the 12th. Also, please do not ever move the blocks on a Tuesday. Thanks.

As everyone seemed to enjoy the 10 minute rules discussion held prior to presentations we will try & do that each week, time permitting. If you have any questions or queries about rules, please email to Linda before Tuesday.

Results for the day are below.

18 Hole Event – 29 Players

B Grade Winner ($30 voucher): Jean Harle (32) 3 Up. Congratulations to Jean who is the Stan Petty Trophy winner for 2022. Thanks to Lee Grubb for the photo below.

Runner Up ($15 voucher): Gerri Robson (30) 2 Down on count back.

C Grade Winner ($30 voucher): Anita Powell (37) 1 Up.

Runner Up ($15 voucher): Jackie Mazoletti (41) Square.

Pro Ball Winners (7 Down or better): Lee Grubb, Liz Gregory, Kathy Iredale, Maureen Cousins, Deb Sein, Anne Anderson & Corina Cross. Sue O’Connor & Caroline Lester both missed out on count back, sorry ladies.

9 Hole Event – 17 Players

Winner ($15 voucher): Angela Hunter (39) 2 Up, excellent score Angela.

Runner Up (2 balls): Glenn Barber (44) 1 Up. Another great score, well done Glenn.

Pro Ball winners (4 Down or better): Leo Stewart, Dot Crompton, Margaret Carroll & Pat Tindal. Margarite Stewart & Irene Hedges missed out on count back, sorry ladies.

NTP 9th Hole (1 ball): Joan Spence.

NTP 17th Hole (1 ball): Anita Powell.

As it was International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March your captain decided to award a ball to every player who did not win anything on the day. You had to be at presentations to receive this though.

If you were not at presentations to collect your Pro Ball or ball prize, please check in the Pro Shop on Thursday morning.

Remember to book for golf next Tuesday 15th March by Friday night (11th) or you will not be in the draw. Please note that it is the 1st round of the 4BB Stableford Club Championships (additional cost of $5 per pair for 18 holes so $12.50 total & $2 per pair for 9 holes so $8 total) so you need a partner for 2 weeks in order to win this. It is still possible to play only 1 of the 2 days in the day competition but just be sure your partner knows this. Colleen Blackmore is hoping to play on the 15th but cannot play on the 22nd so if anyone would like to join Colleen for next week only, let Linda know via email. The draw will be emailed on Saturday morning & will also be reflected in One Golf.

Take care & stay safe.

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