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March Monthly Medal Stroke 04/04/2014

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Medal Winner

Frank Scholtz(27)     =     62 nett

A Grade

Winner  Matt Lever(8)   =   65

R/Up   Kevin Biggadike(8)     =   66

B Grade

Winner Jay Di Virgilio(15)  =   64

R/Up  John Gray(16)    =   66

C Grade

Winner  Frank Scholtz(27)   =   62

R/Up  Ted Young(22)  =   67

Ball Winners

Alan Coustley    =   67

Rob Di Virgilio   =   67

Geoff Hammill     =   67

Steve Lay  =       67

Ian Bright   =   68

John Verrall   =   68

Brendan Anderson   =  68

Ted Galloway    =   68


Bruce Mclerie with 24Putts

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole  =  Frank McAleer

9th Hole   =  Rob DiVirgilio

12th Hole  =  John Hasler

13th Hole   =  Geoff Hammill

Super Pin

Has Jackpotted till next week

Wine Draw

No winners this week so 6 bottles next week


Can you imagine the feeling I get when the raffle draw results with the same person’s name coming out with first prize over two consecutive weeks? It happened twice last month when Paul Dennett won two weeks in a row. This week we once again announce Graeme Lanigin as the winner of the first prize. Two weeks in a row he walks off with a Cliffex meat tray, leaving dozens of hopeful ticket buyers with nothing to look forward to over the next week except sausages, rissoles, peanut butter sandwiches and Kentucky Fried yucko stuff. I feel the cruelty of my position, the judgement I must exercise when I have to console these poor devils, the tears which wet my shoulder and splash down my neck, and that’s just from the men! I won’t give an opinion on the women at this time because they are a fearsome bunch, and I have noticed how some of them can belt a golf ball. Second prize of a meat tray was won by Rob Di Virgilio. I can share Rob’s delight when he has a win like this because his whole life revolves around his franchise of Donut King at Port Philip Plaza in Rosebud. Yummy donuts (my preference is doughnuts) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by hot chocolate with each course. Ah, the calories! But it would start to wear you down once you have had breakfast, morning tea, and then have to face lunch. Maybe we could forget about all that and remember just what varieties of meat you can buy. Now that’s a nicer thought. But on the other hand the vegetarians would be in an awkward position with both choices. By the way, Dave Mills won the six-pack of Crown Lager.

Odds and sods to report are that Alan Coustley is now attending ballroom dancing lessons. The Bandit’s game yesterday was a shocker. Even I beat him! I know that Sheradyn Johnson scored a hole in one on the 12th last week, yet no one saw reason to place it in the results report. I have no control over what goes in that report, but if there is any news like that please let me know and I will include details in the raffle report. Yesterday Jay di Virgilio scored an eagle on that rotten seventh hole. I’m battling to score an eagle just putting on that green. And talking about putting, hitting off in the first group yesterday we all found putting a battle because of sand and dew. That’s how it’s been for about three weeks.

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