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May Monthly Medal Stroke 02/04/2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle


Play off between Bruce McLerie & Frank Scholtz

A Grade

Winner   Bruce McLerie(13)   =  66

R/Up David Thompson(14)    =  67 c/b

B Grade

Winner  Don Thompson(18)  =  67

R/Up  Nand Kumar(17)   =  68

C Grade 

Winner  Frank Scholtz(26)  =   66

R/Up  Jason Williams(20)  =  67 c/b

Ball Winners

Matt Lever  =  67

Neil Fredricson   =  67

John Hayes   =   68

Matt Dunstan   =   68

Alan Coustley   =   69

John Verrall   =   69

Andrew Thompson   =   69

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole  =  Tony De Corrado

6th Hole   =   Rob Cleary

12th Hole  =  Brian Munn

13th Hole  =  Frank McAleer

Supa Pin  4th Hole

The winner was Tony De Corrado

Wine Draw

No winner so 3 bottles next week

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

Nice day for golf on Saturday, and it was good to see last week’s missing men turn up this week. First prize in the raffle went to John Buckley, who was so convinced that he would win first prize that he chased me out almost into the kitchen to buy tickets. Again someone wins a major prize (a Cliffex meat tray) where a little bit of by-play is present. Even stranger, second meat tray was won by Munzie. He bought the tickets and I gave them to his wife Tenille (I hope that’s the way she spells it), stating that I was giving them to her because Munzie wouldn’t win, but she would. Very mysterious things happen in our club house. The six-pack of Crown Lager went to Frank McAleer.

We get very strange emails in our computer, apart from those my late brother used to send. Yesterday we received a warning telling us that people can catch swine flu from tins of ham, so if you get a warning you should delete it. It’s spam!

I’ve just booked a table for Mother’s Day for me and the wife. Bound to end in tears though. She’s lousy at snooker!

No news on the Bandit at the moment. Last I heard he was in Adelaide. There was a rumour that Adelaide’s hard water could have certain properties which when used for polishing old golf balls increased their velocity by about 50 per cent. The Bandit is busy trialling this new discovery, polishing his balls morning, noon and night.

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