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Monthly Medal Jan 2022

Monthly Medal Saturday 1st Jan 2022

9 Hole results  0 players

18 Hole Results – 69 players

Monthly Medal Results 

Mens Jan Monthly Medal Winner :- Elio Valentini nett 60

Putting Men :-  Elio Valentini 22 putts

Ladies Jan Monthly Medal  : – Linda Fredricson nett 64

          Putting ladies :-   Linda Fredricson 27 putts

Winner  A Grade $30           Glen Lazzar            (8)         63

R/up $15                                Steve Lay                (16)         65

Winner  B Grade $30          Elio Valentini          (21)      60

R/up $15                                Linda Fredricson   (21)      64   

Winner  C Grade $30          Deb  Sein                 (32)      67 c/b

R/up $15                               Michael  Van der Gouw     (25)      67 c/b

Ball rundown needed 69 or better  

66 Dale Robbins

 67 Phil Sein ,Mark Woodbridge

68 Melinda Teasdale , Alan Coustley , Graeme Lanigan ,Patrick Brodie ,Leo Stewart , John Hawes

 69 Russ Henderson , Neil Fredricson , Jack Simmons , Bradley Grainger

Players Draw    $40 Dale Robbins

                                     $30 Phil Barnes

                                          $20 Gary Wright

                                        $10 Peter Johnstone

Supapin $30 each:  4th Jim Mullans    12th Michael Jackson

NTP 2 balls each

2nd Rento Urlus     6th Norman George   13th John Hayes   17th George Petris                

Club Captains Request 

Once again can I please ask members to repair pitch marks and divots even if you did not create them.

Reminder that the memorial Frank McAleer Ambrose Cup is on 15th Jan , please enter your team in the timesheet . The team can be mixed or single sex.

Thank you all.

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