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Results of Ladies & Gentlemen`s Golf

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf


No golf on Tuesday again so no results!


There were 10 ladies out there today in very tough conditions. We played Par and the Winner was Corina Cross (H/Cap 32) Square and Runner Up was Joan Coombs (H/Cap 36) 3 down.

N.T.P on the 9th hole Denise Law.


Gentlemen`s Golf

Final Round Tee off times for Championships

C Grade 12,50

Steve Bennett       140

John Buckley        143

Rob Cleary    145

David Mair    146

B Grade  12.58

Barry O`Connor    133

Jay Di Virgilio     135

Alan Coustley   145

Matt Herrick    146

A Grade     1.06

Brian Munn    141

Col Anderson    152

Rob Law    155

Matt Lever   157


A Grade

Winner   Col Anderson   =    68

R/Up    Brian Munn    =      70

B Grade

Winner   Barry O`Connor   =    67

R/Up    Jay Di Virgilio    =   70

C Grade

Winner   Rob Cleary   =    72

R/Up Wally  Galpin     =    72

Ball Winners

Alan Coustley   =   71

Glenn Lazzar   =   72

Pat McElhinney    =   72

Mark Jackson    =    73

David Mair    =      73

Graeme Lanigan    =    73

George Petros   =   73

Jimmy Rogers    =     73

Mark Sullivan    =   74

Ian Bright   =   74

Micheal Van Der Grouw    =    74

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole    =   Matt Herrick

9th Hole   =    Mike Szietz

13th Hole    =   David Thompson

17th Hole   =   A N Other

Supa Pin

Was won by Mike Jackson on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

The winner again this week was Neil Fredricson.But not present. Tough Luck


Raffle Norm`s Ramblings


Saturday saw the first outing of a new style of golf game at Safety Beach Golf Club: Inflationary Golf. Three members, Ken Greer, Bill Fowler and Ian Cragg devised this new style of game because when it came to club championships over a three-week period, they were usually at the tail of the field after the first round, and therefore had nothing to play for over the next two weeks. Hence, Inflationary Golf proves an apt replacement, and they proved it yesterday. Between them they managed to accumulate something in the order of 347 shots! There was some suggestion that a recount should be made, but there was simply no time because the club hierarchy wanted to get home by midnight. So there you go. A new style of golf invented right here at Safety Beach. I think some motivation concerning difficulty in playing this style of golf on a nine-hole course also came into it, as well as the necessity to have the mature age that would ensure the capability of being successful. That aside, what a rotten day we had trying to counter gale-force winds. Putting was extremely difficult on some holes. In fact, when I rolled up for my late afternoon chores, there were a few young boys trying to putt into holes on the practice green, and having enormous trouble with the wind which forced the balls in all sorts of directions.

Raffle time saw Kiwi Neil Fredricson finally win a meat tray. At last he’ll be off my back! I think he won only because I was too late to catch Mike Henry. Second meat tray was won by Denise Law. Worthwhile coming home from holiday, I’d say. The Crown Lager six-pack was won by Ian Whatley, a first time win for Ian, which always is pleasing to announce.

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