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Results of Ladies and Gentlemen`s Golf

Results of Golf Wine Draw and Raffle

Ladies Golf

As you know there was no ladies golf on Tuesday due to the awful weather yet again. 
There were 6 players out there yesterday. The winner was Corina Cross (h/cap 32) with 26 points. Runner up Denise Law (27) with 25 points. 
The monthly medal & first round of club championship is to be held next week, weather permitting!!

Gentlemen`s Golf

Medal Winner

Mike Sims(24) with a score of 62 nett

A Grade

Winner  David Barnes(9)     =     64

R/Up  Rob Law(4)   =      69

B Grade

Winner   Jay Di Virgilio(17)     =    66 c/b

R Up   Barry O`Connor(17)     =    66

C Grade

Winner   =    Mike Sims(24)       =    62

R Up    =    Steve Bennett(21)    =    66

Ball Winners

John Buckley    –    67

Matt Herrick   =   68

Graeme Danson    =    68

John Harmer     =     69

Brian Munn    =     69

Tony Lever    =     70

John Gray     =    70

Andy Golby    =     70

David Black     =    70

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole    =   Rob Law

6th Hole    =    Peter Le Boeuf

12th Hole    =     Jeff Clough

13th Hole   =    John Roach

Supa Pin

The winner on the 4th Hole was Ron Cross


Jimmy Rogers on the 14th Hole

Wine Draw

The winner was Neil Fredricson but he was not present.Tough luck Neil



Just woke up, looked at the clock, and see that it’s showing the usual Sunday morning time: 7.00 a.m. That’s after being awakened by an attack of cramps at half past midnight, and another at about 5.00 a.m. Does anyone have a true remedy for cramps? I really doubt that I will be able fulfil my Saturday chores beyond 2024. Imagine how it felt yesterday when all of a sudden we got swamped with about a hundred kids and various parents celebrating a birthday! The old legs really suffered after that lot. And we had a bit of celebrating of our own, with Mick Sims having a nice club win, Matt Herrick doing ditto. I had to explain to Matt that “ditto” has nothing to do with toilet habits. During the week we had the sensational news that a certain mature player, who does not approve of golf drives from his pebbled front lawn(?) just happened to hit off from the fifth, past the back of my house (no, it’s not just a shed), and into the lake down the left-hand side. Splash! All who know this old bloke know that he is a very patient type, and with a wry (Matt, that word means dislike or dissatisfaction, or irony or bitter amusement) look, he dragged the ball out of the lake, pulled out what he thought was the right club, and belted said ball almost out of sight. A choking sigh rent the air (Matt, rent means cut or burst), and our dear old codger could see that ball, with all the determination it could muster, heading full pelt towards that rotten bunker behind the green. He fell to his knees, sighing “Can’t anything go my way!”, when all of a sudden he noticed a slight deviation, and that rotten golf ball crashed straight into the flagstick and dropped straight down into the hole! It’s the nearest thing you can do to get an eagle on a par 4 (if it was a free drop)! Our congratulations to DM.( He could dream). And that’s no BS!
Sorry we missed a number of raffle ticket buyers. The crowd and the way it was spread made things rather difficult, and I did want to get that last plate of cocktail frankfurts distributed before it was presentation time. Cliffex meat tray winners were John Farthing and Phil Graham, and it saddens me to announce that Ian Bright once again won a six-pack of Crown Lager. I think there is some relationship between Ian and Mike Henry that needs investigation.

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