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Results of Ladies and Gentlemens Golf `28/05/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

Ladies Golf

Tuesday 24th May 2016 Stableford & 2nd Round Captain’s Trophy
B Grade/Trophy
Winner: Jean Harle H/Cap 22, 31 points. Total 55 points for 2 rounds. Congratulations to Jean for winning the Captain’s Trophy!

Runner Up: Lyn Greer H/Cap 30, 27 points.
C Grade
Winner: Anita Powell H/Cap 40, 27 points.
Runner Up: Enid Hamilton H/Cap 42, 26 points.

9 Hole Stableford Event
Winner: Joan Davies H/Cap 41, 12 points.

There were only 4 players so no runner up again this week.

We hosted the Match Play teams on Thursday 26th May but due to the heavy & continual rain there was too much surface water on the course & greens so we had to abandon the event before any players had a chance to tee off! Very disappointing as Barbara Sargent had worked so hard to organise the catering for the day. Thanks to all the ladies who turned up on the day to help out & to those who provided food.
The final match for our Match Play team is against The National on Friday 3rd June at Berwick/Montuna. Good luck ladies.

Stableford Event, Saturday 28th May 2016
There were 5 players who started but after completing 11 holes we all stopped due to the heavy rain.

Mens Golf

Winners Rob Law & Jason Williams   =   72 pts

R/Ups   Brian Munn &  David Ballingall    =   63 c/b

Ball Winners

Tony Lever &  David Mills   =   63

Frazer Rankine & Ray Evans   =   62

Bruce McLerie &  Neil Dennett   =   61

Matt Lever & David Barnes  =   60

Ian Bright & Norm George  =   57

Wayne Ashley & Graeme Lanigan  =  57

Jim Rogers & Matt Herrick   =   57

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole   =   David Barnes

9th Hole   =  David Barnes

12th Hole   =   Bruce McLeary

17th Hole     = No one


Rob Law on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

The winner was not present


How can we complain about the wet weather this weekend, when all year we have been complaining about the lack of rain? In the last week we have received, courtesy of my late brother working in tandem with good old Huey (or is it Hughie), a total rainfall of 37.4 mm. The lake beside fairway five is showing obvious signs of increased volume, some of the fairways are showing signs of spinning golf cart wheels, and the muddy sand around each green is becoming really sloppy. Oh well! That’s golf! On arrival to commence raffle duties I found the Legend boys already sitting at their table sipping white wine, a batch of ladies at another doing those things that women do when they try to fill in time, and that’s the sum total of prospective ticket buyers! No sign of anyone else, except Kiss Me Kate behind the bar. Slight panic set in with the thought of the two meat trays and various foodstuffs I had brought with me. Finally it became clear that these hardy folk had actually walked off the course because of the rain, and that there were still more hardy types out there. So, the raffle went on.

Cliffex meat trays were won by Helen Short’s son David and David Mills. I seem to have a special winners’ section carrying the name David over recent times, which means  that at some stage in the evolution of christening newly-born children there must have been some famous person dominating the pages of the numerous women’s magazines. People like David Beckham, David Bowie, David Cassidy, or even David the milkman (maybe even David the gardener or David the window cleaner). I leave that to your imagination.

I still need help to get back into Facebook. I cannot get any Facebook address to appear completely on my screen: my own, normal or the Safety Beach site. Can anyone out there help me? PLEASE!

Apart from that, I thought you’d like to know that sometimes I prefer to have a bath, because it’s much harder to drink a glass of wine under the shower.

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