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Saturday 10th July 2021

Saturday 10th July 2021

1st round Olympic cup Stableford

9 Hole results  4 players

Winner  Graeme Danson 2 balls             (29)         19

18 Hole Results 72 players

Players Draw    $30  Dale Pitt

                                        $20 Phil Barnes

                                          $15 Dot Crompton

                                          $10 Sue O’Connor

Winner  A Grade $30           Dale Pitt                         (14)      37 c/b

R/up $15                                John Hayes                    (14)    37 c/b

Winner  B Grade $30          Rhys Musgrave              (20)     41  

R/up $15                                Peter Johnstone           (23)     39   

Winner  C Grade $30          Brad Mason                   (25)      39

R/up $15                               George Bulka                (25)       38

Ball rundown needed 35 or better

38  Ian Trebble , Steve Lay

37 Brian Munn , Andrew Michael

36 George Petris , Deb Sein , Matt Herrick

35 Judith Whittaker , James Rogers , Anne Anderson , Wally Galpin ,

      Stephen Bennett , Jeff Clough

Supapin $35 each: 

4th Tony De Corrado            12th Bruce McLerie

NTP 2 balls each

6th Dave Thomson                                  9th Fazer Rankine

13th George Petris                             second shot 18th Glenn Lazzar

Captain’s ramblings.

Once again the usual reminder to ALL members :- please repair pitch marks on the green and divots in fairways even if they are not caused by you.

Again please keep golf carts to the paths during this wet spell of weather.

Next week will be second round of the Olympic cup and will be stroke followed by the next week of par . The overall winner of the cup is determined by stableford score over the three weeks. This is cunningly done by the computer system so your club captain does not have to stretch his brain. In the event of a tie countback is used.

 Once again please observe the Covid rules and remember to have a mask on your person and wear it where required.  

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