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Saturday 31st July 2021

Saturday 31st July 2021

2nd round Olympic cup – PAR

9 Hole results  0 players

18 Hole Results 83 players

Players Draw    $40  Colleen Blackmore  

                                        $30 Chris Henry

                                          $20 Graeme Lanigan

                                          $10 James Rogers

Winner  A Grade $30           James Mullan                (12)     +2

R/up $15                                John Hayes                     (14)     a/s  c/b

Winner  B Grade $30          Jack Simmons                (18)     +3 c/b

R/up $15                               Norman George            (19)     +3

Winner  C Grade $30          Elio Valentini                 (21)      +4 c/b

R/up $15                               Andrew Micheal           (20)       +4

 Winner  D Grade $30        David Mair                      (27)      +1

R/up $15                               Gerri Robson                 (34)       a/s

Ball rundown needed a/s or better

+3 Phil Barnes , Shane Ziegerink

+2 Vince Iacobaccio

+1 Dave Thomson , Alan Coustley , John Hayes

a/s Heath Sanderson , Michael Szeitz , Chris Webb , Mike Henry , Jeff Clough ,

      Graeme Lanigan , Todd Newey , Jade Marshall

Supapin $70:   12th Barbara Bright

NTP 2 balls each

13th Dave Thomson                                 14th second shot   Brian Munn

17th James Mullan                                    18th second shot  Barney Musgrave

Progressive standings in Olympic cup

Andrew Micheal 76 s/ford pts , Phil Barnes 72 , Todd Newey and John Hayes 71

Captain’s ramblings.

It has been brought to my attention that golf carts have been seen being driven on the fairways.

NOTE during the wet period this expressly forbidden by our oncourse bylaws . Consider this a final warning .

If you are seen to transgress this then you will be required to appear before the match committee where it is quite possible you will be banned from using a golf cart and will have to use a buggy or carry your clubs for a spell .

No further warnings will be issued.

Once again please observe the Covid rules and remember to have a mask on your person and wear it where required.  

Once again the usual reminder to ALL members :- please repair pitch marks on the green and divots in fairways even if they are not caused by you.

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