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Saturday Par 13.06.2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw and Raffle

A Grade

Winner Bruce McLerie(13)   =     +2  c/b

R/Up  Mike Jackson(7)     =    +2

B Grade

Winner   Norman George(17)   =   +1

R/Up  Alan Sole(18)    =    -1

C Grade

Winner  Brendan Anderson(24)    =   +2

R/Up   John Pinder(22)    =   +1

Ball Winners

Tony De Corrado   =   +2

Matt Lever   =   +1

Rob Di Virgilio   =   +1

John Hayes    =   +1

Matt Hammill    =   +1

Wallace Galpin     =    +1

Frank McAleer    =   sq

Graeme Lanigan     =   sq

Matt Diston    =   sq

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole  =  Rob Law

6th Hole   =   Tony Lever

12th Hole   =   Kevin Biggadike

13th Hole   =   Tont De Corrado

Super Pin

Winner Mike Henry on the 4th hole

Wine Draw

Wallace Galpin not here

Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

No wind. The sun is shining. What more could you ask for? In my case it needs to be dry ground because my hits off the tee, especially on the long holes, never get through the wet rough grass. So, my second shot is invariably out of sodden 15-20 cm long grass. Winter is unkind to people such as me who like to get a bit of roll. Not that sort of roll! However, on Saturday there were quite a few results from which I personally got a feeling of satisfaction. My score of minus 10 was better than quite a number of much better players, and I even heard that someone (name unknown) ended up with a score of minus 17! It’s a good feeling that next weekend gives us the longest night and shortest day, and then we start rolling on towards spring and better conditions.

Numbers were down, especially in the morning groups, and a poor raffle result seemed imminent. The afternoon picked up a bit, and the usual good numbers stuck around until presentation time. Mike Henry made his usual early attack on raffle purchasing, but missed out. I think I hurt his feelings because he immediately announced he was going away for a month. I’m not sure if he is tracking the Bandit up north to find out how he manoeuvres his friendships with the Greasy Armpits, but it has been hinted that he may be doing a trivia night for them with all questions based on who bashed whom and who can launder the most ice, cash, heroin, LSD and hash! Could be interesting. First prize of a Cliffex meat tray was won by Gordon Crompton. He says the last raffle prize he won was in 2001, but you know how he waffles on. I’m sure it was in 2012, but it could be a year either way. Second meat tray went to Brendan Anderson. This is not his first win, but I recollect he has won about three over the last year. The barbecue vultures rejoiced at the news, so it’s just as well that (today) Sunday’s weather is such a good forecast. All of us in Country Club Drive will smell what’s cooking. Talking about vultures, good old Jason Williams, after a long time since winning something, stepped up and won the Crown Lager six-pack. We might also be able to smell the spilled beer today!
Last week all club members were aghast at the sight of Bob Cleary turning up dressed in the most hideous outfit seen on the course since the last emulation of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. How so many yellow and black garments could fit on that body leaves me in bewilderment. And the socks! On those heavy legs! Stretched to the limit yellow and black! Fair dinkum! He looked like a prehistoric giant bumble bee. Not only that, for good measure he had a CD player belting out the Tigers’ theme song.
Next week there will be a special extra raffle with a prize of two tickets to Channel 9’s The Footy Show. Tickets at the usual prices of $2 for one and $5 for three. All moneys go to The Stroke Foundation. See Norm H.

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