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Saturday Par 19/03/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

A Grade

Winner  Tony Lever    =    +4

R/Up  James Rogers        =    +3

B Grade

Winner    Mike Szeitz    =     +4

R/Up  John Gray    =     +1

C Grade

Winner   David Lovell     =    +4

R/Up    Peter Corby    =     +3

Ball Winners

Ted Galloway     =    +2

Ken Greer      =    +2

Ian Trebble      =    +1

Jeff Harmer    =    +1

Pat McElhinney      =    sq

Jay Di Virgilio     =    sq

Tony De Corrado        =    sq

Kevin Biggadike     =    sq

Bruce Wills        =     sq

Nearest The Pins

6th Hole    =    Pat McElhinney

9th Hole     =    Phil  Graham

12th Hole   =   Mike Jackson

17th Hole    =   Brian Munn

Super Pin

Won by Bill Fowler on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw

No winner 9 bottles next week


Nothing was going to stop this weekend’s raffle. Heavy rain in the preceding days where we saw 37 millimetres recorded on the official Melbourne Water Waterways rain gauge didn’t deter many (except for yours truly) and surprising numbers in the morning made the raffle a worthwhile effort. We apologise for last week’s clash with a wedding, but with the kitchen being taken over from a critical time in the afternoon it made the final running ofthe raffle and food distribution impossible. Our best wishes to Bruce McLerie and wife Donna on their marriage.

Finally, it has happened! A start on the extensions and pergola attachment to the club room area. I saw for myself on Thursday (or was it Wednesday? I’m not sure) some action where certain members of the hierarchy were present, along with others who looked like workmen (handsome young chaps), with the key to the whole operation being Neil Dennett who stood astride some sort of drill trying to make some impression on what lay underneath a bricked section alongside the entrance to the bar. Maybe that was what he was trying to drill into! Anyway, here was this six feet plus hero drilling between his feet, and me inside the club rooms wondering if this Irishman was going to do what we might expect an Irishman to do: get his drilling aim mixed up, and then drilling right through his foot, and end up like the girl with the dragon tattoo fixed up her brother with the nail gun in the final of that absolutely brilliant series. He seemed OK on Saturday. No limp. However, on Saturday the only changes outside appeared to be to the surroundings of the practice green which looked as though someone had tried to mow it with a coffee bean grinder.

Raffle prizes this week went to Andrew Berkley and Irene Hedges (Cliffex meat trays) and that up and coming Barry the Bandit challenger Bob Cleary (Crown Lager six-pack). We congratulate those winners, and shed some tears for those whose luck just doesn’t seem to be fated to be successful in Safety Beach.

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