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Saturday Par 25/04/2015

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

A Grade

Winner  Wayne Dye(9)   =   +2

R/Up   Kevin Biggadike(9)   =   +1

B Grade

Winner  Steve Lay(16)   =   +2 c/b

R/Up  Matt Herrick(15)   =   +2

C Grade

Winner    Alan Davis(21)   =   +1 c/b

R/Up   Mick Sims(26)  =  +1

Ball Winners

Mike Henry     =   +1

David McCormack   =   sq

Ian Bright   =   sq

David Phalp    =   sq

John Pinder     =   -1

Andrew Thompson    =   -1

Johhn Kuchel    =   -1

John Gray   =   -2

David Black  =   -2

G Dodemide    =   -2

Ken Greer   =   -2

Walter Galpin   =   -2

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole   =   James Rogers

9th Hole   =  Brian Munn

12th Hole   =   John Hayes

17th Hole   =  A N Other

Super Pin 4th Hole

Winner  = Brian Munn

Wine Draw


Raffle & Norm`s Ramblings

O.K. You’ve missed out on another raffle, six party pies, three sausage rolls, and a couple of cocktail frankfurts. Big deal! How do you think I feel, trying to work out how to cater for those who might turn up on Saturday. It was bad enough finding out that half the afternoon guys would be poncing away at 13th Beach (or was it 12th?), the weather forecast was a shocker, especially for Saturday arvo, and numbers on the playing sheet were disastrous. Put all that together with the fact that it was Anzac Day, Collingwood and Essendon would be locked in a tight match at the MCG, the rain was going to fall heavily in the afternoon and the outcome would be not enough raffle ticket buyers. To top it all off, I would not be able to get the meat trays until after 1.00 in the afternoon. My Saturday golf ended up a disaster with a score of minus 13! Whoopee! Matt the Cat will probably give me hell!

On a slightly different, and maybe self-indulgent note, I’d just like you to know that I also had another reason for changing my normal Saturday routine. On Friday I lost my young brother who passed away at Millingandi, near Merimbula. It was sudden, and I’m still feeling the jolt I received when the news came through. Since then I have been dwelling on receiving further info and details of funeral arrangements and all those other annoying things that go with a situation like this. He and I used to swap little amusement pieces through email. The last one he sent to me last week was the following copy of a letter from his G.P. “We did a biopsy on the mole we removed, and it turned out to be an old piece of chocolate.” I like that, and I know wherever he is right now he would have a grin from ear to ear.

I have a couple of stories I had intended to send to him later this week, so I will inflict them on you. The first is a sign I remember seeing on the dunny wall at RMIT many years ago: “Dear Algebra. Stop asking us to find your X. She’s not coming back! We don’t know Y either!” Another near it stated: “One would think with all this wit Shakespeare’s ghost had come to sh*t!” And on the subject of toilet humour, I was listening to an interview from Gallipoli on the ABC during the week, and the subject turned to toilet facilities for the thousands of visitors who would be at the Anzac site in Turkey. The interviewer asked the Australian official what was available to cater for all these people. The answer (truly) came: “Well, ten years or so ago there was virtually nothing here. After a few years our government brought along some portaloos to cover the problem, but it soon became obvious that more would be needed. A couple of Turkish businesses took note of the ones we brought in, and built about 80 toilets between them. So now they’re looking after all our business!”

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