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Saturday Par 30/01/2016

Results of Golf, Wine Draw & Raffle

 Congratulations  to Matt Lever for a  hole in one on the sixth

A Grade

Winner  Matt Lever(4)   =   +5

R/Up John Verrall(11)    =   +4

 B Grade

Winner  Peter Johnstone(19)    =   +2  c/b

R/Up   David Ballingall(17)      =   +2

 C Grade

Winner  Pat McElhinney(21)    =    +4 c/b

R/Up  John Sergent(25)    =   +4 c/b

Ball Winners

Brendan Anderson   =   +4

Mike Sims     =    +4

Peter Corby   =    +3

Shane Johnson    =   +3

John Pinder     =    +2

John Hannon   =     +2

Derrik Farr    =    +2

Frank Scholtz    =    +2

Don Thompson   =   +1

Steve Lay     =   +1

Col Anderson    =   +1

David Mair     =    +1

D Roxburgh    =     +1

Nearest the Pins

6th Hole    = Matt Lever

9th Hole     =   Ian Cragg

12th Hole   Rob Di Virgilio

17th Hole    =    Glenn Lazzar

Supa Pin

Was won by Matt Lever on the 4th Hole

Wine Draw



Who cares how much rain fell during the last week? Certainly not Matt Lever or Rob Di Virgilio. Matt, who I think is maybe 12, or even 13, or 14 (I don’t know for sure, but David Mair, my web page contact, can correct if necessary), scored his first hole-in-one on the sixth hole. This young lad has improved his golf enormously since taking it up only a few years ago, spending plenty of time with his father Tony and Golf Pro Shane Johnson in developing his natural talent. While we praise Matt for this unique achievement, we also must draw attention to Rob Di Virgilio for his drive across the lake on the 12th and ending up just a couple of centimetres from the same achievement. By the way, our rainfall when compared with that of Geelong and Melbourne City was just 17.2 mm over the last three days of last week. It was nice to have a complete change of weather for our competition this week, with pleasant sunshine and very little breeze.

The weekly raffle brought back memories, with two of the winners playing in the second group of the day. Wally Galpin scored a Cliffex meat tray, while Mike Henry won the Crown Lager six-pack. The other meat tray went to Matt Herrick, who will probably wave the contents in Neil Dennett’s face.

In last week’s report we stated that the Bandit Barry O’Connor was attacked by his bicycle, leaving considerable damage to his chest area as well as to his ego. It now appears that he was actually trying to teach his dog “Braindead” to ride the bicycle on his own. Now it is a well-known fact that Barry in his younger days was nicknamed “Braindead”, so we think to inflict such a name on his rotten little mongrel was unfortunate. The instruction proved inadequate, and Braindead, in his confusion trying to manage pedalling, tried to leap into the Bandit’s arms and unfortunately ended up with a mouthful of Barry’s right manboob clenched between his teeth. Hence the damage to Barry’s pride. We hope that readers will forgive us for accepting the original report.

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