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Saturday Results 19/02/2022

3rd round Club Championship

Club Champion: Brian Munn        203 (gross)

 Runner up:         Rob Law             224 (gross)

Old Niblick Trophy (best overall putting): George Petris  76 putts

Presidents Trophy for best Nett overall: Gary Kohlman     204

Nett Grade Winners

D Grade:    Terry Champion 221

 C Grade:    Brad Mason       205

B Grade:     Gary Kohlman   204  

A Grade:     Glenn Lazzar     207

9 Hole Club Champion:   Phil Simmons 150 (gross)

A full printout of nett and gross results for both 9 and 18 hole comps can be found in the Saturday results folder next to the printer.

Daily Results:

9 Hole results –  20 players

Winner  $20 Helen Davis             (29)         33 c/b

R/up           $10 Phil Simmons          (27)         33

Ball rundown

35 Peter Camilleri, Joan Coombs, Paul Harrington, Lyn Greer

 Players Draw

   1st $60 Chris Henry           2nd   $30 David Walker

     3rd $20 Wally Galpin        4th     $10 Ian Ireland

18 Hole Results   95  players

Winner A Grade $30          David Barnes                  (7)       64

R/up $15                                Glenn Lazzar                  (7)        66 c/b

Winner B Grade $30          Gary Kohlman                 (19)      67 c/b  

R/up $15                               Phil Melville                     (17)      67   

Winner C Grade $30          Neil Johnson                   (22)      67

R/up $15                               Judith Whittaker             (26)      68 c/b

Winner D Grade $30         Jean Harle                         (31)      63

R/up $15                              Denise Law                        (28)      68

Ball rundown needed 69 or better

66 Chris Henry  

68 Stephen Bennett, Brent Tweedale, Mark Woodbridge, Wayne Ashley,

       Philip Sein

69 Bruce Dawson, Brett Musgrave, Dimce Trpcevski, Peter Johnstone, Brendan Anderson, Nick Cameron  

Supapin $50 each: 

4th Tony De Corrado      12th David Thomson

NTP – 2balls

2nd Brent Tweedale                9th Leo Stewart

13th David Thomson                 18th second shot David Barnes

Eagle (3 balls): Shane Ziegerink on 15th. Well done!

Captains Mumblings

Today I was required to DQ one player in the 18 hole comp for infringement of rules. I do not take any pleasure in this action. Please can you all ensure that you know the rules of golf and if you are not sure then ask your playing partners and if still not sure please ring the pro shop for an answer.

I hope that this will not be required to be done in the future.                     

Thank you one and all.

Good turnout yesterday. Weather was good and all seemed to enjoy their golf. Please be aware of the signs on all tees reminding ALL players of the following:

Repair / replace divots on tees and fairways.

Fix up pitch marks on the greens.

These may not be caused by you but if you see them, please repair them.

The Exec Committee understands a couple of tees need renovations, and we are endeavouring to help the ground staff to be able to proceed with these.

Upcoming Events

Monday 21st Feb: PGA Associate Pro-Am.

Shane has spots available for players at $40 each, includes lunch. Enter and enjoy a round of golf with rising young professional golfers. Anyone is welcome so please contact Shane Johnson at the Pro-Shop on 5981 0100.

Sunday 27th Feb:  Cancer Charity Day Ambrose shotgun start at 8.30am.

Phil Melville is organising this event and would like a couple more teams. Please contact him on 0418324265 or entry forms are in the pro-shop.

Next two Saturday games are February 26th 2 person Ambrose (relief from stroke/putting) then March Monthly medal on March 5th.

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