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Saturday Results 22nd May 2021 2nd Round Foursomes Championship

22nd May 2021 2nd round Foursomes

9 Hole results  23 players

Winner      $20    Lynn Greer         (33)               19

R/Up               $10    Peter Camilleri   (28)              18

 Ball rundown

16    Val Morrison , Paul Harrington        

18 Hole Results –  86 players

Foursome Champions

 Gross – Brian Munn & George Petris 149 c/b

  Nett       Rob Law & Russ Henderson   132.5

Winner  A Grade $30 each  

                                Tony De Corrado & Michael Jackson    (8.5)      65.5 nett

R/up $15  each    Ray Jeffkins & Matt Herrick                    (23)   66 nett              

 R/up $15  each   Ron Clarke & Charles Ellul                      (17)   67 nett              

Ball rundown needed 68.5 or better

68.5 David Mair & Graeme Lanigan

         Rob Carboni & Jean Harle

69   John Hannan & Jack Simmons

        John Hayes & Bruce Dawson

        John Radin & Paul Broderick   

Players Draw    $60 Dot Crompton

                                        $30  Rob Morrison

                                          $20  Joan Coombs

                                          $10  John Farthing

Supapin $50 each:  4th Todd Newey         12th Graeme Lanigan

NTP (2 ball)

18th second shot  (ball each) Glenn Lazzar & James Rogers

 6th Colin Wixey       9th Andrew Michael      13th Heath Sanderson

Captains Musings

Please note if there is a sign in the Pro shop asking for carts to keep to the path and rough  please do so. We are trying to preserve the condition of our fairways .

 If you see green fee players on the fairways please politely remind them of this condition. If you don’t receive a polite acknowledgement of your concern contact the proshop .

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