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Saturday Results 5/2/2022

Saturday 5th Feb 2022

Monhly Medal and 1st round Club Champs

9 Hole results  21 players

Winner  Micheal Sims                $20            (26)         30

R/up           Wendy Simmons         $10             (41)            33  

Putting – 1 ball: Wendy Simmons 14 putts on c/b

Ball rundown

34     Phil Simmons, Jim Campbell

35     Lee Grubb, Gary Wright

Monthly Medal Results 

Mens :        Bruce Dawson  with nett 64.

        Putting: David Lovell with 23 putts wins 2 balls.

Ladies:        Jeanette Bourke  with nett 66.

        Putting:   Liz Gregory  with 27 putts wins 2 balls.

18 Hole Results   117 players

Winner  A Grade $30          Markk Woodbridge      (11)      65

R/up $15                                James Mullan          (10)         67 c/b

Winner  B Grade $30          Bruce Dawson          (14)      64  

R/up $15                               Robb Di Virgilio         (15)      67 c/b 

Winner  C Grade $30          Brian Mazoletti          (26)      68 c/b

R/up $15                               Brad Mason           (24)        68

Winner  D Grade $30         Jeanette Bourke       (40)          66

R/up $15                               Vicki Mallcott           (38)              68

Ball rundown needed 71 or better

67 George Petris, Tony De Corrado, Brian Munn, Russ Henderson, Neil Dennett

69 Step Bedrossian, David McCormack, John Hawes  

70 Alan Sole, Juri Jogar, Gary Kolhman, John Heib,  Elio Valentini, David Barnes

71 Barbara Bright, Phil Barnes, Darren Olarenshaw, John Radin

Players Draw

   1st $60 Jacki Mazoletti       2nd      $30 Brent Tweedale

     3rd  $20 Gerri Robson        4th       $10 Charles Ellul

Supapin $60 each: 

4th  Wally Galpin      12th John Heib

NTP – 2balls

2nd Todd Newey                      9th George Petris

13th Bruce McLerie                 18th second shot Brian Munn

Eagles:           Brian Munn on the 3rd

Hole in one:  Brian Munn on the 8th(also known as an albatross)

Captains Mumblings

Great turnout yesterday. Weather was good and all seemed to enjoy their golf. Not too much to complain about except to remind all players of the captains three pet hates on a golf course which are:

Slow Play

Not repairing divots

Not fixing up pitch marks.

The last two may not be caused by you but if you see them please repair them.

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