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Spring Cup Stableford 11/10/2014

Results of Golf ,Wine Draw & Raffle

A Grade

Winner  Wayne Dye(12)  =  40 pts

R/Up  Brian Munn(4)  =  38

B Grade

Winner David McCormack(15)  =  42 c/b

R/Up  Norm George(19)  =  42

C Grade

Winner Ron Cross(26)  =  40

R/Up  Brian Sanders(25)  =  39

Ball Winners

Pat McElhinney(19)  =  41

Vince Godino(18)  =  39

Ted Young(23)  =  39

Jay Di Virgilio(24)  =  38

Wally Galpin(29)  =  38

Tony De Corrado(11)  =  37

John Verrall(10)  =  36

Neil Cameron(22)   =  36

Frazer Rankine(10)  =  35

David Black(14)  =  35

Peter Le Boeuf(15)  =  35

Alan Davies(20)  =  35

Rob Morrison(30)  =  35

John Gray(21)  =  35

Ken Greer(32)  =   35

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole  =  Brenden Anderson

6th Hole   =  Tony DeCorrado

12th Hole   =  Geoff Hammill

17th  Hole  =  Brian Munn

Super Pin

4th Hole  =  Renato Urlus

Wine Draw


Note from Norm

Well, here we are on board the “Radiance of the Seas” en route to Vanuatu, the Loyalty Islands and New Caledonia. What bliss! No raffle, no Munzie, but still enjoying a game of golf in the ship’s mini-golf range. The wife and I are enjoying the time, accompanied by two of our daughters who were part of the ambush on my recent birthday. I’ve had my vengeance by thrashing them at mini-golf this morning, and winning the beer-drinking competition this afternoon. We have a sensational pool area, and at present are watching a special event for the ladies over 70 years of age. It’s a competition to see who has the most wrinkles, which are measured and added together. I understand the record stands at 220 centimetres, according to the noticeboard beside the pool. There will be another special event to follow that where all the men over 70 years will be checked out for who has the most waist-overflowing stomach. The top six will then have a run-off for the first prize where they will all have to stand on the pool edge and do a belly flop. The winner gets a bottle of bubbly. Tonight we will all be having lessons in pole dancing, and tomorrow morning it will be nude bingo, with the men in one salon and women in another. Frankly, the more they’re kept apart the better. The goings-on last night in the state rooms along from us were disgusting.

Well, that’s about all for now. I will be seeing everybody again on the 25th.

By the way, John Pinder has just spent a session in hospital having a triple bypass (or similar). He’s fine, and will be coming home very soon. We wish him good health.

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